10 Modern Home Office Ideas That Will Improve Your Productivity

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Employers and employees are both feeling the benefits of working from home. However, the one concern from both parties is how to stay motivated and maintain the same level of commitment and productivity you have in the company office. Whether you work in an office environment and have found that timesheet management with an app has made it easier to increase productivity or you prefer to write tasks down when it comes to working in your home office, the space you work in also plays a part in productivity.

According to Office design consultants, Office Principles, designing a modern workspace at home designed to enhance productivity can help.

If you’re looking for tips and inspiration for interior designs, look no further.

Choose a distraction-free zone

Where you choose to set up your home office will depend on available space in your home and the type of job you have. Ideally you want a space that is quiet enough for you to concentrate, out of the way where you won’t be disturbed and not looking out on to a high-traffic area that is bustling with activity.

Optimise space

As odd as it may sound, a cluttered office can clutter the mind and have a negative effect on your concentration. How you design your office plays a key role into how organized your workspace is. Invest in tall bookshelves that provide sufficient workspace and utilise magazine racks to store files you are working in that day – far better than traditional in and out trays.

Make a space for everything

The key to a distraction-free workspace is organization. Knowing where everything is enables you to find the right tools and files when you need them instead of wasting time turning the room upside down looking for important papers, notes and post-its. If you’re in need of supplies with which to fill your office space, you need look no further than for all office supplies and furniture.

Let in natural sunlight

The vitamins we get from the sun help to stimulate your mood and cognitive function. Exposure to sunlight releases serotonin in the brain which helps you to remain relaxed and focused.

Add green

Positioning plants in your home office also stimulates the mind and increases productivity. Plants help to purify the air and remove toxic compounds that are brought indoors from the outside. This helps home workers to avoid getting drowsy and maintains a low blood pressure.

Use fragrance to maintain focus

Aromatic scents are also known to have soothing effects. Fresh fragrances can calm the mind thus helping you to maintain focus. Pine, cinnamon and sage are known to help improve levels of consecration whilst lavender is ideal for reducing stress.

Full-length desk

Having plenty of desk space in your main working area has a knock-on effect on your thought process and helps maintain productivity. A full-length desk that spans the entire wall enables you to organise dedicated task areas without overcrowding your workspace.

Go wireless

Wireless technology modernizes your home office and can help create a productive environment that is free from tangled wires. Broadband Wi-Fi enables you to connect multiple devices to your computer, so you are free to move around the room without the risk of snagging a wire or tripping over. With this being said, if you haven’t made this transition just yet, in the hopes of finding a cable management solution to the wires you have in your office.

Hang inspirational images

Artwork or inspirational quotes can help to spur you on or provide inspiration at opportune moments. When your mind becomes tired or restless, inspirational images help to provide the spark that restarts the motor.

Create thinking space

If you have sufficient space, set aside a thinking area for your home office. This can either be a comfy leather chair in the corner of the room, a relaxing couch or a drawing board you can use for brain-storming.

Working from home does not mean your productivity has to suffer. As a matter of fact, in the right environment, you can actually enhance your performance.