20 Awesome Breast Cancer Tattoos

Tattoos aren’t for everyone, but they’re a compelling way for anyone to take ownership of their body in a visual way. Whether you’re a cancer survivor or just supporting someone you love, a tattoo in support of breast cancer awareness can be a gorgeous and strong way to wear your message. Whether you’re a cancer survivor or just supporting someone you love, a tattoo in support of breast cancer awareness can be a gorgeous and strong way to wear your message, as explained by Tattoo Stylist. We’ve compiled some of the awesome breast cancer tattoos we could find right here.

Meaning of breast cancer tattoo

Every tattoo has symbolize their own meaning and their purpose. Pink ribbons and bows is no more a surprise and this is international sign of moral support to a women who has breast cancer. However these pink ribbon tattoo symbolize once personal battle of breast cancer or it is to support loved ones who lost the battle and losing their hope. Wearer of these tattoo carry an inspiring story in themselves and motivate other and give a hope that they can win over this disease if they have willing to struggle.
Type of cancer tattoo.

However the major symbol of cancer is cross ribbon but many people does not know that to specify each cancer there are various color given two them.

  • Blue (light) – prostate cancer
  • Blue (dark) – colon cancer
  • Peach – uterine or endometrial cancer
  • Purple – pancreatic cancer
  • Violet – Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Black – skin cancer
  • Amber – appendix cancer
  • Gold – childhood cancer
  • Yellow – sarcoma or bone cancer
  • Green (lime) – Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Green (emerald) – liver cancer
  • Teal – ovarian cancer
  • Blue (periwinkle) – stomach cancer
  • Purple (light) – testicular cancer
  • Gray – brain cancer
  • White (or pearl) – lung cancer
  • urgundy (dark red) – multiple myeloma
  • Orange – leukemia and kidney cancer

However you may add many other thing with you are cancer ribbon to contain additional meaning to it. Like you can add heart. It mean you love so much to the people are struggling to this deadly disease and sympathy for them. You can add flower or border or sword to make your tattoo more appealing and additional meaning to it.

How to aftercare your ribbon tattoo

Aftercare is key for your tattoo to prevent your tattoo and keep it shinning like new. After getting your new tattoo you should after care it so it will heal soon and prevent you to cause any type of infection and injury. So to keep your tattoo at optimum. Here below we are mention some of tips to look after your new tattoo.

  • Gently cleaning it with mild soap with twice a day to avoid any kind of infection. Then with help of towel gently dry it.
  • Apply thin layer of any lotion for tattoo aftercare twice a day to prevent tattoo from drying and cracking or any other kind of complication.
  • Don’t touch your tattooed skin and don’t cover with it anything let it breathe and heal.
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water so your tattoo will not dry and flake.
  • When you go outside please make sure that your tattoo will not directly exposed by sun rays as it cause any kind of irritation. Cover it with thick cloth or at least apply sunscreen to reduce effect of UV rays.

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20 Awesome Breast Cancer Tattoos

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