20 Best Kid Friendly Dogs Around The World

For those who have children, selecting the best breed of kid friendly dogs is important. Sure dogs may be cute, friendly dogs, and all but not all dogs are suitable for kids especially those who are three years old and below age. Choosing dogs with the right temperament is vital if you want your kids to have a long lasting relationship with your dog.

When it comes to deciding which breed of kid friendly dogs to welcome into your home to become part of your family, you don’t purely base your decision by just looking at a picture of a particular dog and tell yourself, “Hey, I bet those kids dogs pictures will likes him!”

There are other important factors to consider to avoid making the wrong choice which may end with your dog accidentally hurting your kid/s. These factors are size, coat texture, coat length, activity level, and type of grooming.Below is a list of kid friendly dogs that are commonly recommended by breeders, veterinarians, and dog trainers.

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20 Best Kid Friendly Dogs Around The World

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