20 Flowers for Valentines Day

Apart from jewellery and chocolate, flowers are what are considered to be ‘the’ gift to give on Valentines Day. What few people know is that there is a huge choice in the kind of flowers you can give; it isn’t just about the color or type.

If you’re giving real flowers, than red roses really is the only acceptable option for this holiday. The bad thing is that they will cost you a ton of money. if you want to make it a special gift, you’ll either need a vase or you’ll have to go with long stemmed roses in a box.

Fake flowers are a bad idea, they say ‘our love is fake and so are you’. Never go for silk or ceramic flowers. They cost way more than they should and they do not make good gifts. The whole point of a flower dies when you bring in silk and/ or felt. Check Out 20 Flowers for Valentines Day at FeedInspiration.

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20 Flowers for Valentines Day

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