20 Magnolia Christmas Decor Ideas To Try

If you are looking for something different from traditional fir branches, pinecones and cranberries, try magnolias! Magnolia leaves look stunning and very festive; you can easily mix them with noble fir, pinecones, eucalyptus, olives and citrus and get perfect southern-style holiday decorations. A magnolia and eucalyptus wreath is a modern and fresh take on a traditional one; make leaves garlands and decorate your mantel, staircase, chandeliers and tables with them. You can make the garland or wreath look more holiday-like weaving lights in it. Magnolia leaves are perfect for centerpieces: just mix them with ornaments or candles and voila! Get inspired by cool ideas below!

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20 Magnolia Christmas Decor Ideas To Try

Beautiful Magnolia Christmas Decorations Ideas

Christmas Decorating Magnolia Ideas

Christmas Magnolia leaves

Christmas mantel with magnolia garland

Decorating for Christmas with Magnolia

Decorating with Magnolia Leaves During the Holidays

DIY Magnolia Leaf Garland

magnolia christmas decorations ideas

magnolia christmas garland

Magnolia Christmas Tree

magnolia garland

Magnolia Lane

magnolia leaf wreath and garland

Magnolia Leaves Fresh

magnolia leaves in copper pail

Magnolia leaves

Magnolia Tree Saplings

Magnolia Wreath

southern living idea

Sweet Magnolias Farm