21 Snowball Christmas Decor Ideas That You Will Love

Let it snow! Playing snowballs outside is a very fun activity loved by kids and adults – it immediately creates a festive mood! If you want some snow not only outside, or just don’t have snow in winter, then you’ll love these ideas for winter décor. You can easily make cozy fabric snowballs and make a crazy snow fight inside, make a garland or a wreath of them, or just put them everywhere you like. A fun idea is making snowball ornaments with glitter or sea salt and decorate your Christmas tree. Make a pile of snowballs of the materials you like and put them into a pretty bowl for an original centerpiece. Bring some snow inside!

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21 Snowball Christmas Decor Ideas That You Will Love

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Cute Snowball Decor Ideas For Winter Holidays

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Snowball Decor Ideas For Winter

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