25 Best Manicure Nail Art Ideas

Since the 1930s, nail art as come a long way. The technique of airbrushing nails is still relatively new. It includes an airbrushing machine designed to perform manicure nail art, which works with a compressor to create innovative and elegant patterns and designs on the nails.

Typically, a manicure involves the application of nail polish, but there are several nail art techniques that can be added to the vibrant coat of paint. Many nail salon technicians are adept in applying decals, stickers, gems, glitter and flowers onto the nails. Some individuals go so far as to have their nails pierced in order to insert small hoops and studs.

In Japan, 3D manicure nail art has really taken the world by storm. In this technique, actual charms are fastened to the nail and sculpture powder is used to produce a unique 3D look.

Although manicure nail art is available at most nail salon nowadays, some individuals prefer to stop by the tattoo parlour instead. They forgo coats of polish and glittery decals and opt to get their nails tattooed. The design is etched into the nail via a single-needle tattoo machine. The surface of the nail is penetrated thousands of times per minute to embed micro-pigmentation. The tattoo will only last until it is clipped off, so there is no need to worry about loving that particular design for the rest of your days.

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25 Best Manicure Nail Art Ideas

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