25 Cool Industrial Kitchen Designs

Industrial-style kitchen aren’t that popular nowadays. Although they’re definitely cool and when you’re designing such kitchen you can easily show your creativity. Brick walls, pipes, wood beams, wall-mounted rails, things made of metal, and retro-looking appliances look great in combination with modern cabinets and things. Besides all these things give the kitchen an eclectic/lived look that everybody finds cozy. One more cool think about industrial kitchens that they can easily incorporate comercial range appliances without loosing their stylishness. Check out our gallery and you’ll find some inspiration to design an industrial-style kitchen there.

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25 Cool Industrial Kitchen Designs

Contemporary Industrial KitchenImage Source

Industrial Kitchen Designs IdeasImage Source

Industrial Chic Kitchen DesignImage Source

Nice Rustic Look of Industrial Kitchen Interior Add Industrial Touches in Your Own KitchenImage Source

Industrial Apartment In Belleville Classy KitchenImage Source

Cool Industrial Design KitchensImage Source

Bewitching Kitchen Industrial design ideas for Creative Storage Solutions For Small ApartmentsImage Source

Kitchens Stylish granite kitchen countertop and kitchen island integrated with open storage underneath for beautiful brick wall industrial style kitchen designImage Source

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Vintage Industrial Kitchen IdeasImage Source

Kitchen Industrial design ideas with Bewitching diamondImage Source

Industrial Kitchen Design IdeasImage Source

Wood glass and metal shape the lovely Loft Industrial kitchenImage Source

Industrial Kitchen Design layouts and settingsImage Source

Decorative Kitchen Industrial design ideas for Brick Wall In KitchenImage Source

Industrial Kitchen DesignsImage Source

A Kitchen With Industrial Look A Kitchen With Industrial Look Designed by Tom DixonImage Source

Modern Industrial Kitchen Design With Cool Black Brick WallImage Source

Vintage Industrial Chic KitchenImage Source

industrial kitchenImage Source

Memorable Industrial Kitchen Designs Youre Going To LikeImage Source

Industrial kitchen with metal and brickImage Source

Diesel Industrial Social Kitchen design by DieselImage Source

rustic industrial kitchen cement floor exposed beamsImage Source

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