25 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas

The newest trend in easy Diy home decorating is doing it yourself – DIY. In the bedroom you can add loose stones directly to your headboard, put them on the buttons for tufted headboards or pillows, or even just add them directly to your wallpaper. How awesome would it look to have just an occasional gem here and there on your walls?

Sift through some spare material if you have any in the house or you can always check out a thrift store for antique or rich fabric pieces to begin our first easy and DIY home improvement idea- making a slip-cover for an ottoman!
Making the slip cover is easy enough too.

We recommend you use an empty carton, crate or sturdy wooden box. Cover this carton with your fabric swatches. If you cannot find any at home, you can always get cheap fabric from discount shops or craft supply stores. These stores often have surplus stashes of materials they are ready to sell at cheap prices. Use fabric glue or staple gun to put together.

For making detachable covers for your DIY ottoman, it is important you chose a base that has strong basic structure, cover it with fabric texture and color that matches the other soft furnishings or wall colors in the room and jazz this up with beads, borders, ribbons and patches for a fashionable look.

Finally, use good skirting to do up your bedroom in a striking manner with a wide range of textures, prints and materials these can easily be purchased from your favorite discount home decor store. Complement the shades of these with a matching area rug or a throw rug on your easy chair for an instant makeover to any space! Check Out more 25 Easy Diy Home Decor Ideas at Feed Inspiration.

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25 Easy Diy Home Decor Ideas

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