25 Gel Nails Art Designs For a Complete Unique Look

Getting Gel Nails is the perfect way to dress up your hands. Whether you work with your hands each day where everyone can see them, have a special occasion coming up, or you just want to pamper yourself. Your hands are an extension of yourself and your style and for many women it is necessary to make sure that their nails are in top condition. You will want to explore the options that gel nails can give you before you make any decisions or head to the salon for your appointment.

Light cured gel nails are typically the more popular style and are commonly used in a number of salons today. The gel is premixed and once applied to the nail you must sit your hands under an ultraviolet light in order for the gel to set properly.

Those who wish to obtain no-light gel nails will have the gel applied to their nails and a specialized gel activator can be brushed or sprayed over the gel nail in order to set them. Some estheticians even use plain water for setting gel nails. If you have any questions about the type or application, be sure to ask your esthetician beforehand.

Once you receive your new gel nails, you can treat yourself to some nail art or accessories if you wish. Painted designs, stickers and even fancy polish are great ways to add a personal touch to your new gel nails.

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25 Gel Nails Art Designs For a Complete Unique Look

Gel Nails Pink Orange and White DesignImage Source

Gel Nails Light pink with silverImage Source

Blue summer gel nailsImage Source

Summer glitter pink chevron gel nailsImage Source

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Stylish Gel NailsImage Source

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Color Gel Nail Polish on Natural Nails With Blue ColorImage Source

Cool Gel Nail DesignsImage Source

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Light Pink Shimmer Gel NailsImage Source

Cute gel manicure with sparkelsImage Source

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Black and white French gel nail designImage Source

Cute multi design nail art gel polishImage Source

Ying tang black & white gel nail artImage Source

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