25 Hairstyles For Curly Hair Women

In order to have a great curly hair style, you have to start from the root! And by that, I mean you need to have great ingredients for your hair. For example, shampoos that don’t have sodium laurate (which is found in detergents) which damages the hair. You also need great conditioners to style curly hair.

After you’ve cleansed, you want to condition your curly hair, evenly distribute a palm-full of conditioner between both hands. Use conditioners that are dedicated to curly hair, these conditioners are protein and paraben-free. Work through hair with fingers. Rinse. If hair is dehydrated, apply to ends before shampooing.

Hairstyle with a gel that is light-weight and alcohol free. You always want to apply gel to wet curly hair. You can apply the gel by leaning forward, and gently distribute an alcohol free based gel to wet hair in an upward scrunching motion. Slowly raise your head to an upright position and allow your curls to fall naturally. You can then let your hair dry naturally or by using a diffuser, but try not to bother the curls while they’re drying, it is important to leave them untouched so they won’t frizz during the drying process. Resist the temptation to scrunch the hair while it is drying.

Once the hair is dry, loosen curls from underneath, never from the surface where curls are most vulnerable. If you would like to add more volume, wait until hair is totally dry to hair style, add pomade to your finger tips and gently massage the root of your curls with the pomade. You can do this with your head tilted down to the floor so you are massaging parts of your curly hair that is unseen by others.

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25 Hairstyles For Curly Hair Women

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