30 Beautiful Modern Prefab Homes

Prefab homes have changed dramatically since the ones Sears used to sell through their catalog. The new generation of architect and home buyer has sparked a movement in the prefab industry based on spirit and imagination. As a result a variety of modern modular homes that challenge all previous ideas of prefab homes has been born. Those uninteresting boxes have been transformed to gorgeous and affordable homes that can be customised to the level of uniqueness you want.

Types of prefab homes include, modular, panellised or pre-cut, and manufactured or mobile. Each of these homes is made in a factory so the measurements are very accurate thus ensuring each house is sealed tightly to save energy and save the homeowner a lot of money every year. The majority of modern prefab houses meets or exceeds the U.S. government’s Energy Star standard. What this means is they use at least 20% less energy than regular new homes. Modern customers demand aesthetic creativity and customization. This has been fuelled by the advances in prefab building technology.

Modular prefab homes are also built in a factory on an assembly line. They are built in complete functioning sections. After transport to the home-site the modules are lifted into place and affixed according to the manufacturer instructions. Except for the crane work any handyman should be able to do much of the assembly work. From shipping container homes to pop-up architecture, modern prefabs definitely don’t have to look like a double wide trailer. And they certainly are not the homes Sears sold through their catalog.

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30 Beautiful Modern Prefab Homes

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