30 Family Picture Frame Wall Ideas

When it comes to decorating your house, do you carefully arrange vignettes on tabletops and shelves? With a little patience and some strategic planning, each surface can become a mini-stage for your decor. Some people even revel in the joy of coordinating each design element, refusing to introduce pieces that clash with the style at hand. It is often these folks who are the most stumped when faced with the task of displaying family photographs.

There’s no way around it–displaying pictures presents many challenges! Photos are taken at different times in people’s lives with different cameras that reflect various levels of technology. In other words, the pics don’t all match! Some photos may be in color while others are in black and white. Then there’s the task of framing the pictures in a way that flatters them unless you have some face mounted acrylic photo prints! How do you display family photos with style? We’ve collected an assortment of ideas to help you answer this very question!

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30 Family Picture Frame Wall Ideas

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