Art Institute Of Chicago Famous Paintings

It may not have the worldwide fame of the Louvre in Paris or New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, but the Art Institute of Chicago is certainly up there among the world’s best art museums when it comes to the masterpieces in its permanent collection. On EF Explore America’s student trips to Chicago, visitors have the chance to see these amazing works of art in person.

As a sampling, here are o the most famous paintings on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Art Institute Of Chicago Famous Paintings

A-Sunday-Afternoon-on-the-Island-of-La-Grande-JatteImage Source

american-gothic-paintingImage Source

edward-hopper-nighthawksImage Source

caillebotte-paris-street-rainy-dayImage Source

the-old-guitaristImage Source

renoir-two-sisters-on-the-terraceImage Source

The Art Institute of Chicago’s famous America Windows -- created by legendary artist Marc Chagall to commemorate the American Bicentennial and honor the late Mayor Richard J. Daley -- are going to be temporarily removed beginning May 2. The deinstallation of the windows is part of construction planning for the Art Institute’s new wing designed by Renzo Piano. More than 38 million viewers have enjoyed the work since its 1977 dedication, and Midwesterners are invited to join them in the next 2 weeks (File Photo/Art Institute via U.S. Newswire)Image Source

at-the-moulin-rougeImage Source

time-transfixedImage Source

The-Child's-Bath-by-Mary-CassattImage Source

figure-with-meatImage Source

the-drinkersImage Source

portrait-of-daniel-henry-kahnweilerImage Source

saint-george-killing-the-dragonImage Source

stacks-of- wheat-sunset-snow-effectImage Source

the-herring-netImage Source

portrait-of-sylvette-davidImage Source

the-basket-of-apples-paul-cezanneImage Source

bathers-by-a-river-1916Image Source

The-Red-ArmchairImage Source

Morisot-Lady-at-her-ToiletteImage Source

The-Poet's-GardenImage Source

wheatstacks-end-of-summerImage Source

monet-arrival-of-the-normandy-trainImage Source

Vincent-van-Gogh-The-BedroomImage Source

old-man-with-a-gold-chainImage Source

The-Millinery-ShopImage Source

acrobats-at-the-cirque-fernando-francisca-and-angelina-wartenberg-1879Image Source

mother-and-child-painting-picassoImage Source

races-at-longchampImage Source

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