As an expat in Australia – legal assistance is sometimes required

It’s great that you took the steps to travel from your country of origin to an excellent country like Australia that offers you many new opportunities and the chance to settle down there and hopefully become a citizen someday. Moving to a new country is a daunting task and it can take a little while to get yourself familiar with the various rules and regulations of that particular destination. You want to be able to freely move around the country but there are rules in place that restrict what you can and cannot do and while you might think that it is a lot of unnecessary red tape, the reality is that the government just want to make sure that you are following all of the immigration rules and that you don’t get yourself into trouble.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to stay within the confines of the law, you might find yourself in a situation where you need an experienced immigration lawyer in Sydney. You sometimes just find yourself in situations that just can’t be avoided and so you need some legal help so that you don’t get into trouble. The following are just two situations where you might need to engage the services of an immigration lawyer.

  • Overstay due to illness – None of us know when we are going to get sick or we are going to be involved in some kind of accident and so sometimes you can’t make an immigration appointment and so you need someone to represent you and to go there to explain exactly what has happened. If a letter from the hospital is required then your immigration lawyer will get that for you and he or she will present it to the relevant immigration authority. This means that you get to concentrate on getting better as soon as possible and the immigration people know exactly what is going on.
  • Your extension is declined – Sometimes immigration officers decline your extension to stay in the country and the reason may be valid or it may be something that is quite confusing. Whatever the reason, you need to have an immigration lawyer on your side that knows the immigration law back and forth. They will be able to figure out exactly what has gone wrong and hopefully be able to find you a workable solution for it. They will even attend the immigration office for you and talk to the relevant officer who declined your application in the first place.

These are only two of the situations where you might need the services of an immigration lawyer and believe me when I tell you that there are numerous more. It is important to have peace of mind knowing that in the event that you run into an immigration issue, that there is always help at the end of the phone or a mouse click away. Even though you’re trying to follow all of the rules and regulations as best you can, sometimes things happen and when they do, an immigration lawyer is just what you need.