Awesome Sun Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Suns, moon and stars are by far some of the most fascinating subjects for both science and tattoo designs. A sun tattoo can be very significant to many people, in fact, it is one of the most popular design elements requested. The value of this design, in terms of symbolism, represents a very deep value for life itself. The symbolic and mystically design is amongst a favorite for both men and women. The individual manner in which the sun is drawn in body art has many interpretations. Providing a wealth of options as far as color and size, it would be pretty hard to find two people in the world with the same exact sun tattoo. For example, a sun tattoo can be simple, realistic, futuristic or tribal.

Among Christians, the sun depicts energy, power, birth, rebirth and all aspects of life. It was also believed that the sun represented the lord Jesus Christ himself along with his many life giving and saving qualities. It is also believed that the solar and lunar bodies are linked, which in any case happens to be the truth. In tattooing the sun is often represented in floral forms. Sometimes it takes on the form of the mystical dragon or the indestructible phoenix. Among the floral representations the popular ones are holy and pure lotus, the beautiful rose and the radiant sunflower. These definitely add to the look of the tattoo.

Many culture like the Aztecs, the Romans, the Egyptians and Romans actually worshipped the sun. Indians also had a place of reverence and importance for the divine Sun god. In fact among the Zia Indians the sun symbol would be painted on vases used in religious ceremonies.

With the sun depicting things like light and truth there is no wonder it is much sought after tattoo design. There are many styles in which you can get a sun tattoo including the tribal, Celtic and other styles. The sun and moon have also been considered and Yin and Yang forces it also represents the logical and emotional sides of your nature.

So pick the sun tattoo design based on not only the way it looks but also what it means to you.

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Awesome Sun Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

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