Best Maternity Dress for Your Figure

Maternity wear today is attractive, sexy, comfortable and stylish. It’s designed to compliment your changing body and make you look and feel great throughout the nine months of your pregnancy. One must have essential during pregnancy is a good maternity dress. Finding a stylish maternity dress is not only about fashion, it also requires an understanding of your figure, the styles and designs that your complement your body type, and a good knowledge of fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and durable. Regardless of whether you are short, tall, extra curvy or slightly built, there are a variety of maternity dresses to choose from that will look great on you.

For women who are size 18 and over, there are now even more choices than ever before. An important point to remember is that clothes should outline your body, accentuate your cleavage and complement your waist. Choose maternity dresses that have a lot of movement and divert attention from the thighs, hips and tummy. Wrap dresses are ideal because they skim the waist, enhance cleavage and hide a multitude of sins. Look for darker colours that will also create a sliming silhouette. Avoid big belts, shiny clothes and body clinging fabrics. Viscose jerseys are the worst.

Maternity clothes must be adjustable. Women who are going through pregnancy the first time around are often surprised. Only towards the end of the first trimester do women begin to think about needing a few maternity pieces. In the second trimester, a few pieces have been purchased. The third trimester is when a woman really begins to grow rapidly and if the first few maternity wear choices weren’t well made, she’ll be out shopping once again. Look for maternity wrap dresses which are always very flexible or maternity dresses with ruching, layering, or pleating in the front. These types of styles should see any woman through her pregnancy and beyond.

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Best Maternity Dress for Your Figure

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