Best Name Tattoos Ideas

Getting a name tattooed on your body is a serious matter. Some people want their family name, others are parents looking to pay honor to their children. Whereas other people want to immortalize their love for their partner, their parent or even their dog. Whatever reason you want to ink a name on you consider this: it is harder to divorce your tattoo than it is a spouse. (It may even cost more and be more painful too!). But if you’re set on getting a name inked, remember it truly is “’till death do us part”.

Some people think it’s a jinx to get name tattoos – and while I’m not superstitious, there seems to be a funny correlation with name tattoos and subsequent romantic break-ups soon after. Coincidence? Perhaps. But if I was you, I would seriously consider the reason why you are getting a name tattoo in the first place – just in case this superstition has some truth to it.

The only exceptions to this rule of name tattoos is this: it’s perfectly alright to pay homage to the dearly departed, your parents and your children – because they will be with you for life. So if you are looking to get someone’s name tattooed on you, I’ve dug around and found best name tattoos ideas that I think are perfect for: to honor children, parents and your husband/wife. For example, the above photo “Jacob & Emma” in an infinity sign – is perfect for both a parent wishing to honor her children OR a couple tying the knot for eternity.

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Best Name Tattoos Ideas

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Name Tattoo That I Want For My SonImage Source

Name TattoosImage Source

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Name Tattoos On WristImage Source

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My wrist tattoo with my children's names in my handwritingImage Source

Wrist name tattoo daughter's nameImage Source

Wrist tattoo with my son's nameImage Source

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Name-Tattoos-for-Women-on-FootImage Source

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Baby Name Tattoo DesignsImage Source

crossy fer th' newborn babyImage Source

old english lettering shaded tattoo forearmImage Source

Estrela name de DaviImage Source

Heart and Name TattooImage Source

name with rose and vine tattooImage Source

Name scars are souvenirs you never loseImage Source

Mickey Mouse and Name TattooImage Source

CarolImage Source

AlyssaImage Source

Mette Name TattooImage Source

boneca palito Name TattooImage Source

curly letter tattoo in the name of a daughterImage Source

Name TattooImage Source

Cilene Name TattooImage Source

A tattoo with the names of my two childrenImage Source

Black and Grey Rose and Name TattooImage Source

script name wrist tattoo by Wes FortierImage Source

for my brothers Name TattooImage Source

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