Best Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

An expert hairstylist immediately looks at the shape of the face of a client to figure out which hairstyle would fit a client. The reason is: there are certain hairstyles which befit a certain shape of face. So aside from the volume, texture of the hair, and the colors which you would like to apply to the hair, the shape of the face is an important factor in determining the ideal hairstyle for a particular person. The typical shapes of faces are round, oval, long, diamond, heart, and square. However, in this article, the hairstyles which befit a round face will be discussed and examples of hairstyles for round faces will be showcased. You’ll definitely know if you are endowed with a round face if the width of your face is almost the equal to the length of your face.

If you have a round-shaped face, here are some tips on how to style your hair provided by Lifestyle Reviews. First, it is good to have long layers instead of short layers. Likewise, it is also good to have layered bangs in order to create a slender-shaped neck. The ideal hair length for a round face is a short hairstyle because a short hairstyle makes an impression that your face and neck are long. Moreover, it is advisable to have curls around the crown instead of having them at the sides. It is also good to have graduated layers or shad to make the neck appear more slender. You should opt for gentle waves because they give the impression that your face is thinner than it is. Lastly, the sides of your hair should be kept close to one’s face to give the impression that your face is lesser in width. With all these simple tips, you may now enjoy browsing through the different hairstyles for round faces.

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Best Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

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