David Bolno: ‘Don’t Forget About Others On Your Way Up’

With the growing demand for entertainment, more and more people are emerging as professional entertainers on the digital platform. The entertainment industry has hence experienced a revolution in the dynamic and competitive realm. 

Every entertainer aspires to achieve their dream and make a unique presence globally. However, showcasing your expertise and entertaining the viewers isn’t as easy as it looks. If you are also a passionate entertainer, David Bolno is here to help you become successful. 

Before digging more into his experience, let’s take his quick introduction.

David Bolno is a business manager who works with top entertainers globally. Some of the renowned names in his list include Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams, and William. In 2011’s Take Care album, Drake thanked David in the liner notes, writing thank you for “pulling my life together for me and putting me in a position where I can now begin to build my empire.”

In most of his experiences, he always shares what’s essential to become a successful entertainer. So, without further delay, let’s check out the practical points shared by David Bolno.

Build a Supportive Mindset:

The first recommendation shared by David is praising others instead of considering them as your rivals. The entertainment industry is vast, and it will be challenging to showcase your skills if you are jealous of everyone.

Instead, embracing other entertainers and trying to collaborate whenever possible is always a good practice. It helps you learn new skills alongside upscaling your audience base.

Working with other entertainers increases your network, and some can also provide mentorship to uplift your presence. Remember, success isn’t about an individual’s victory. It’s about uplifting others without being jealous.

Always Be Humble and Grateful:

Your hard work will always pay off, making you successful one day. However, the day youtube succeeds, you shouldn’t get into the trap of arrogance. Becoming arrogant is the first sign of destruction.

Instead, you should stay grounded and maintain your humanity as-is. Regardless of the situation, you should always express your gratitude for the opportunities and include those who were always there with you in the past. 

Remembering everyone who has traveled with you from day one till your success. If anyone shares their feedback, take them on a positive note. Knowing your mistakes is a good practice that helps you eliminate them in the next attempt and improve your entertainment skills.

Always Show Your Support:

You should never forget that no one can reach atop alone. A team or supporters always stand aside you and encourage you to work hard.

Similarly, you should stay helpful to others, looking forward to learning from you and becoming a successful entertainer. Instead of stepping on others, focusing on your growth and improvement is better. 

Focussing on your skills will help in building your reputation and integrity. The audience will recognize your dedication to entertaining others, taking you to the next level in the entertainment industry.

Always Ask for Feedback & Appreciate Criticism:

Criticism is always a free feedback system that gives you the opportunity to know your pain points. Knowing them is beneficial to improve them in your next entertainment event.

You should always listen to others and take their feedback in a productive way. Getting feedback and criticism is the stepping stone to becoming a better performer.

But wait! You shouldn’t stop after getting feedback. It’s more important to work on the feedback and improve your performance skills. Considering the points under feedback/criticism will help you work harder on your weakness.

Always Be Mindful:

You want to become a successful entertainer. Hence, it’s essential to know that your influence and impact will play a vital role in defining your success. It’s necessary to stay calm and use all available resources wisely.

You should avoid misusing your power (after success) or exploiting others who have recently started working in the entertainment industry. Remember, what you do to others is what you get.

It’s always better to find out how you can take advantage of your skills and help uplift the new talent in the entertainment industry.

Stay Inspired with Other’s Stories:

When you are entertaining the audience, how you serve them matters. Serving them well takes you towards your success. However, what’s important is to continue learning about the ongoing trends in the entertainment industry.

You should never stop learning as it will halt your skills, and your performance level will stagnate. Instead, you should continue reading about different personalities and learn about their successful careers.

Remember, getting success in the entertainment industry can’t happen overnight. Hence, you should always devote your 100%, alongside investing your hard work to convert your struggle into success.

If you are an entertainer, these tips by David will definitely help you achieve your goals.