Different Ways to Wear a White Gown

White is a fresh, timeless colour that is literally never, ever going to go out of style, so you can feel confident in your investment in a gorgeous white gown! This tone will brighten up your entire look and make you stand out at your next wedding, formal, cocktail hour or special occasion. Whatever your style, a white gown is sure to be a total staple in your wardrobe. Here are a few different ways to shake up your white gown look:

Play with tones

Most people don’t think to get creative with white, but you absolutely can! Play around with the tones that white can come in and wear them all at once! There’s no use in trying to find the exact same white for your shoes, so embrace the variances! Find a silvery, cool undertone pair of satin white shoes, add some cream resin bangles and earrings and drape a few white gold chains over your neck. For your clutch, go trendy and grab a miniature pearl handbag, you’ll look incredibly fashion-forward and inarguably striking.

Dark romantic

The biggest trend in the fashion world right now is the dark, romantic look. Make your white gown as on-trend as possible by taking the tone down a notch! Add some deep burgundy heels, a floral, beaded shawl, some red jewel earrings and swipe on the wine-coloured lipstick. For the romantic feel, opt for a lace white dress! This is perfectly in tone and will blend seamlessly with the mood of the overall look. Be sure to pull your hair back into a low bun for this one, with so many accessories going on you don’t want to overwhelm the whole look.

Classic Chic

A white gown is an elegant, graceful piece, so why not lean into the classic tone of your dress? Find yourself some pearl accessories, a graceful pair of hoop earrings and an understated metallic toned clutch. Keep it clean with your makeup and nails, a neutral polish, a dusting of sheer eyeshadow and a light gloss will be enough. This look will pair best with a satin or silk slip style white gown, this cut is slightly more contemporary meaning that you won’t look outdated at your next event.

Monochromatic Minimalist

If you want to really stand out from the crowd you should play around with the monochromatic trend! Black is the perfect monochrome partner for white. Add some platform black shoes, an oversized black blazer and silver accessories. To add more feminine embellishments pile on the silver bangles, stack a few rings and select a pair of elegant, drop-down silver bead earrings. You’ll look like a contemporary vision!

Pretty Pastel

If you want to play with colour in a less striking way you should consider introducing a few pastel tones into your ensemble. Baby pink, powder blue, pale yellow or soft turquoise are all great tones to pair with white. Add a pair of low slingback mules, a miniature clutch and some pastel-toned jewellery to look soft, colourful and delicate.

Gold is Gold

White, although a neutral, is most often married with silver tones – why not mix it up a little? Chunky gold jewellery is all the rage right now, and it’s the perfect way to add a 90s vibe to your white down. Add a thick pair of gold hoops, a chunky chain necklace and bracelet and some brown-toned lipstick. Wear this with a slicked-back low bun to look like a 90s supermodel.

These are just a few of the ways that you can wear your white gown! It’s the perfect backdrop for a world of creativity, accessories and trends!