Fabio Today As The King Of Romance Covers Turns 60

Where is Fabio Lanzoni Today? The Hollywood heartthrob and best-selling author is over 60 now. Here’s what he’s up to. Also read these surprising facts

If you picked up a romance novel in the 80’s or 90’s, chances are you know a name bout Fabio Lanzoni. Even if you aren’t familiar with the name, you probably recognize his face…or more accurately his naked torso. For over a decade, the Italian model and actor, with the signature long blond locks and chiseled pecs, embodied the romantic hero as he graced the covers of countless romance novels. Believe it or not, the heartthrob who once inspired romantic fantasies turned 60 in March. Feed Inspiration takes a look at Fabio Lanzoni today for the scoop on what is he’s up to now.

Fabio Lanzoni’s Early Life and Career

Born in Milan, Italy on March 15, 1959, Fabio moved to New York as a teenager. At age 19, he signed with the Ford Agency and soon started booking jobs. In fact, his first job saw Fabio become the face of The Gap, a brand he helped launch in the late 70s. However, he soon found worldwide fame by taking his clothes off. Specifically, being shirtless on the covers of romance novels.

Fabio Becomes the King of Romance Novels

Romance novels are famous for featuring couples in a passionate embrace. However, for the most part, the models on the covers were nameless. Fabio changed the game forever.

Fabio appeared on a number of romance novel covers, but he remained relatively anonymous at first. Then one night, Fabio encountered an editor for a New York publishing house at a party. She confessed that “his” covers always sold well. Proving that he had more going for him than a pretty face, Fabio used his popularity to negotiate better contracts. More importantly, he used his flowing blond mane and chiseled pecs to carve out a huge career. Soon, Fabio became a household name and bonafide celebrity

Over the next couple of decades, Fabio appeared on over 400 romance novel covers, including such notable authors as Johanna Lindsey, Shannon Drake, Betrice Small, Brenda Joyce, and Laura Kinsale. Fabio even “wrote” several romance novels with the help of a ghostwriter, including Rogue, Viking, and Pirate.

Fabio’s Career Beyond the Covers

Fabio eventually parlayed his fame into a successful acting career that included a starring role on the TV series Acapulco H.E.A.T., several appearances on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, and as a commercial spokesman for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. There were even a few cameos in movies like Zoolander, Spy Hard, and Dude, Where’s My Car? He also started his own clothing line for women, created Healthy Planet Vitamins (in 2008), and launched his own a fragrance, “Mediterraneum” by Versace.

He even became the host of the campy Mr. Romance reality game show in 2005. The contest featured twelve men entering the “romance academy” and competing to become a Harlequin romance cover model.

Fabio and the Lady Who Got Away

Even though he became famous as the physical representation of fictional romantic heroes, Fabio has reportedly never found a “happily ever after” of his own. He has said the love of his life was a model he met when he was only 19. Back then he wasn’t ready to settle down and the two broke off their relationship. Years later, he tried to track her down again, but he never did find her.

Although the hunky model has never married, Fabio is still looking for “the one”. He claims to want, “Somebody who’s beautiful inside and out, especially on the inside because in time looks vanish, so you have to be deeper than that…you have to find a person who really cares for you, like you care for that person.”

Weird News

A couple years ago, Fabio became one of the victims of a string of burglaries targeting celebrities. The thieves made off with $200,000, including a gold coin collection and some expensive watches. Other celebrities were also targeting, including Emmy Rosum, Nicki Minaj, and Jaime Presley. The other bizarre incident happened at Busch Gardens in Virginia. Fabio visited the amusement park to promote a new roller coaster, Apollo’s Chariot. At some point during the ride, Fabio collided with a goose and ended up with a bloody nose.

Where is Fabio Lanzoni Today?

Where is Fabio now? Well, he has semi-retired from modeling and acting. He still appears in the occasional commercial or movie, including the fifth Sharknadomovie. He has been asked to appear on the reality dance competition, Dancing with the Stars, but so far he’s turned down the opportunity. In 2016, he became an American citizen, taking the oath with 6,000 other people, which he considers his “marriage”. He still looks good for his age and he still maintains his trademark golden locks.

How to Obtain a Fabio Physique

Although good genes (in more ways than one) undoubtedly account for his Italian good looks, Fabio believes your diet makes a big difference in obtaining a “cover worthy” physique. Since his early years, Fabio has stuck to a strict diet filled with mostly lean protein, fish, vegetables, and fruit. He also sticks to a rigorous exercise regimen that includes an hour of weight training followed by cardio like running or biking. As for the flowing hair, Fabio has always refrained from using shampoo with chemicals, as well as conditioner. He also rejects blow dryers, instead of letting his hair dry naturally.

Fabio on Social Media

If you go looking for Fabio Lanzoni on social media, you probably won’t find him, saying he’s not a big believer in that type of self-promotion. He’s an old-fashioned guy who prefers connecting with people in the traditional way.

Fabio no longer graces the covers of novels, but even at 60, Fabio Lanzoni today remains a cultural icon and a symbol of romance around the world. Women still remember him, and perhaps have a few paperbacks featuring his bulging pecs on their bookshelves.

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