Living With Toddlers: 5 Solutions To Keep Your Home Organized

Walking into a cozy and well-organized house sends a feeling of calm to the senses. Your body automatically relaxes even after the day’s activities. Imagine when your eyes wander from the sitting room to the countertop and find no traces of clutter or toys scattered around. It feels great, right?

But then, living with kids can make all serene feelings wash away. Kids tend to forget to keep their toys in one place. You might even trip on some teddy or puzzles without meaning to. Toddlers can even take this extra mile, dumping their toys in your closets, countertops, or sofas.

So if you are having a hard time getting the kids to put their toys away, these storage ideas are just for you!

1. Wooden Toy Box:

Having to deal with a disorganized home every day can be tiring. The fatigue keeps creeping in. One toy storage idea to help curtail the scattered toys in your home is the wooden toy box.

Just as the name implies, it is a portable-sized wooden box that comes with a latch where you can keep it shut after putting all your kid’s toys inside. It’s built to give room and not take up much space in the home. You can decide to place it near your toddler’s bed or down in the nursery and have your kids put their toys in there after having a fun time with them. 

2. Functional Mesh Hangers:

The functional mesh hangers are containers that store toys when not in use. Not only are they perfect, but they are also designed in such a way that you can choose to fold it down flat to give enough room for other items in the home. 

Lighter toys like stuffed animals, teddy, and balls are a perfect fit for this storage idea. However, the upper-tier could be a bit difficult for the kids to access. In this case, only toys which are not in use frequently should be kept there, to avoid the kids tumbling over themselves to get their toys out of it. The frequently used ones can be stored in the lowest or second tiers.

3. Wall Garage For Cars:

Do you have a kid or toddler who loves to race cars? While some kids love to play with stuffed animals and puzzles, others take a liking to cars. For these kids, leaving the toys in every part of the house can not be ruled out.

To control this, opt for the wall garage for cars. This is toy storage made from a shoe rack. Instead of assembling the shoe rack as you should, mount the pieces on the wall and create a comfortable place to keep the toy cars.

4. Labeled Beach Bags:

This storage solution is one fun way to have toys stored up or tucked away. You can decide to try personalized bags to keep toys out of sight and from littering the home. It is simple. 

The same way tote bags come in customized versions. You can get the company to label these bags for you. Not only will it be thrilling to see the kids rattle off the names on each bag while stuffing their toys away, but it will also help organize the home. However, for toddlers who may not be able to read in the meantime, try having the bags marked with different colors to signify different toys – red for teddy – blue for blocks, etc.

To guard against the bags taking up all the space in the home, you can hang them behind the door with a sturdy nail to keep them from falling to the floor and scattering all over the place.

5. Plastic Toy Storage:

You may be wondering that getting toy storage entails having to do more of something fancy and expensive. While this is nice, it is not all true. It is totally fine to play down sometimes and go for something less expensive but still beautiful.

A plastic toy container is the best fit here for a simple, less expensive, yet beautiful toy storage box for your kid. It comes in varying sizes and can be easily configured to suit your needs.

First of all, before opting for this toy storage idea, you ought to have an idea of the kind of toys you intend to put away here. This is so that you don’t end up getting one that has a smaller drawer for a large-sized toy and have to struggle to get it to fit. 

In Conclusion

Having the toddlers around is a good idea until they begin to litter the entire space. organized. If you ever find yourself in this situation or know someone who is, don’t forget to apply these tips and watch your (or their) home maintain the perfect clutter-free space!