Places that are must to visit when you are in Toronto:

Toronto can be an exciting place to visit for someone who is an outsider given the variety present in the capital in terms of tourism. The world’s innovation hub is one of the most multi cultural cities in the world has a great ton to offer seeing that there is nothing that you won’t find in the Queen city of Canada. From 7500+ restaurants to the renowned Niagara Falls, let us discover the places that you just cannot miss if you are visiting Toronto.

The Canadian National Tower (CN Tower):

The Canadian National Tower or better known as CN Tower is an exceptionally built communicational structure with immense importance seeing that its responsible for majority of the telecommunication services in downtown Toronto. It held the record for the tallest existing structure in the world for nearly 30 years from 1976 to 2007 until Burj Ul Khalifa snatched that record for itself. It the second most popular place in Toronto Ontario after the Niagara Falls with more than 1.5 million people visiting every year. It will cost you nearly 40$ (CAD) to ride the 553m tower but it can referred to as a must experience as you will witness a breathtaking 360 view of the city. The glass floor view can be frightening for those with height phobias but it is safer than anything else in the world.

Ripley’s Aquarium:

At the base of CN Tower we shall find the Ripley’s Aquarium which occurs to be one of the best tourist attractions in Toronto. If you are visiting the Canadian National Tower then its best if you experience it fully from the top where the mesmerizing view of the city leads you into awe, to the bottom where you explore the marine life. Discovering the depths of the Aquarium is a fascinating journey because you will witness many exotic sea creatures full of color and life. It is said that there are more than 500+ species present within the Ripley’s Aquarium. You will most likely spend atleast 3 hours that vary upto half a day considering that time will pas very quickly when you are touring new things. Take an example of the Dangerous Lagoon where you will walk through a sidewalk encountering scary sharks, green turtles, eels and so much more.

Niagara Falls:

This list would be incomplete without the soul of the country, the very famed Niagara Falls. Your Trip to Toronto would be incomplete without a visit to Niagara Falls for obvious reasons. The Niagara Falls are comprised of three separate falls with the Horshoe Falls, the American Falls and lastly the Bridal Veil Falls. 3,160 tons of water flows in a single second with the vertical height of the Niagara falls being nearly  176 feat with more than 8M visitors every year making it the most popular spot in the city. One would think that the water won’t survive the cruel and icy weather of Toronto but it does if we dismiss the myths so the waterfall does not freeze in winters. There are many ways you can enjoy your time at the Niagara falls and get entertained to the fullest. You can try the “Journey behind the falls” which happens to be an elevator ride of nearly 40 minutes flexing the Canadian Horshoe falls view

Toronto Zoo:

Skipping a trip to the Toronto Zoo would be criminal which is enough justification as to why you need to investigate wild life present there. The Zoo stands for more than just being a zoo but with greater aims to fight animal extinctions as we know that there are multiple endangered species in the world that require attention. The administration have maintained the zoo impressively well with respect to planning and the layout. The zoo is divided into 7 different regions based on the animal’s geographic belongings from Africa, America and Eurasia etc. The aim is not to just show animals but to place them in their natural geographic locations to make it feel real. Other than that there are plenty places you can find to eat at the zoo such as the peacock cafe or the simba safari lodge where you can find foods of different variety.

Kensington Market:

The very versatile Kensington Market which is full of colors is essential to visit on your trip to Toronto. There is nothing that you cannot find here, it happens to be a very diverse and multicultural neighbourhood which is why it is the hub of culture, food, art & music of all kinds. It is also near Spadina Avenue where you can find homes for sale in Toronto at decent rates if you have future plans to move or just want to rent a place for the time being. It is an exciting place and a preferred location to live in. The Kensington market offers vintage clothes so now you know where to shop at. Their food market is remarkably popular in the city with delicious, finger licking food. The diversity and difference in food would surprise you seeing that you can enjoy all cuisines so don’t hesitate to try! The street performers lighten the mood up with their surreal talent, molding the vibe of the place. Lastly, check out the market fair for some exciting art.