The Most Popular Engagement Rings Right Now!

Certain engagement rings come in and out of fashion all the time. Yes, there are timeless classics, like a solitaire or princess cut ring, that will never go out of style, but with new stones, cuts and bands emerging all the time, there’s an endless amount of styles to choose from. Don’t forget though that it’s not just the women who get engagement rings, but also men. If you are trying to find the perfect ring for your man then you can check out these rings here to give you a better idea of what you can get him.
Let’s face it, you can never undervalue the importance of selecting the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse. It’s without a doubt the most important piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy or own! So whether you’re a groom that’s browsing, or a hoping bride that wants to drop a few hints to their future hubby, here are the top trends at the moment.


Custom made rings are of course the ultimate dream! Let’s face it, not everybody has million pound budgets to create the ring of their dreams, but there is an alternative. In recent years, grooms around the world have opted for buying loose diamonds online! This allows them to create a completely custom made ring without having to take out a second mortgage! By buying a loose diamond and creating your own ring, you can often cut out fraction of the price.



A super-hot new trend this season is the ultra-skinny engagement rings that we have been seeing everywhere. Featuring with diddy diamonds, these alternative rings really do prove that size doesn’t matter. They’re guaranteed to curb any desires for that super huge rock! Delicate, modest, and totally delectable, these cute rings are quite simply dreamy.



This is a really clever way to get something that’s a bit different, without have to be really outlandish or daring. Not only are engagement rings with square bands aesthetically pleasing, they are actually a lot more comfortable and wearable than a round band! It’s definitely a subtle, but classy way to make your ring stand out.



Solitaires are lovely, of course, or else they wouldn’t be so popular! However, they’re certainly not everyone’s dream wedding ring. These days, many women are looking for something a bit difference. Plus, with so many diamond cuts out there, from Heart, to Emerald or Marquise, why play it safe with shape?



Everyone loves a diamond, but if you’re looking to get a real stand out piece and not go the non-traditional route, a colourful gemstone is a fabulous choice. If you’re bride have an alternative look and style, why not try an ultra-modern deep red or black diamond? If not, morganite pink gemstone can look stunning. Another plus, these stunning gems come at a fraction of the cost of their diamond brothers!
Remember, in the end your ring should say something about you and your bride. If your future wife spends her days in vintages dress, an ultra-modern ring just won’t suit hey style like a vintage cut will, and she probably won’t like it! Take note and go for a ring that you really think your will suit your bride’s dress sense and lifestyle. Good luck!

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