Top 10 Best Places in Nepal

Nepal is known for its lustrous green Himalayas, adventurous paths, marvelously snow-capped mountains, and amazingly diverse culture, in addition to being a multi-culture, multi-language, and multi-caste country.

Are you wondering about the best places to visit in Nepal or looking for an option for your holiday destination? 

Nepal is a stunningly beautiful and incredible country. I’ll try not to waffle too much or sound too cheesy. Here’s our definitive list of the ten best places to visit in Nepal, including popular destinations, ancient monuments, sacred temples, epic helicopter rides, hiking, and jungle safaris.

Everest Base Camp

Why should you visit Nepal? Because it is the abode to the Himalayas’ main attraction, Mount Everest! Stunning peaks such as Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Nuptse, Thamserku, Pumori, as well as Amadablam can also be seen. 

Nepal, also known as the Himalayan Empire, is home to eight of the world’s ten highest peaks, including the great and mighty Everest. Mount Everest is the tallest peak in the world.

Nobody can deny that the Everest Base Camp is one of the top tourist attractions in Nepal. You can do several treks in the region including the popular Everest Base Camp trek. Lukla is the starting point for the fantastic adventure to EBC (altitude 5364m).  potential.

Sagarmatha National Park is the homeland of many animal species, including the snow leopard, red panda, Himalayan tahr, grizzly bears, choral, and the spectacular mountainscape glacier valleys. 

If you don’t prefer hiking, you can still visit Everest Base camp by Helicopter

The Everest Base Camp Trek will take about 12 days, whereas an Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with landing takes four hours. 

The helicopter ride begins at Tribhuvan Airport and takes you to see the stunning scenery of the world’s highest snow-capped mountains. 

It is a one-of-a-kind experience available only in Nepal and maybe one of the fascinating things to do from Kathmandu.

Pokhara Valley -“Gateway to the Himalayas”

Pokhara Valley, the crown jewel of Nepal tourism, is nestled at the lap of Annapurna Himalayan Range. Pokhara is also known as the City of Lakes. It is located 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu. 

Pokhara is also one of Nepal’s most significant cities, filled with spellbinding natural beauty, breathtaking and daring, adventurous activities, and friendly people.

Pokhara is renowned for being one of the most beautiful cities globally, lying on the laps of magnificent snow-capped mountain ranges and surrounded by majestic hills on all sides. 

The splendid reflection of the mountain ranges provides a breathtaking view of the lovely Phewa Lake. Other places include Sarangkot, the World Peace Pagoda, renowned as Shanti Stupa, Davis Falls, the Old Bazaar, gigantic caves like Mahendra, Chamero, and Gupteswori,  and Phewa itself, where you can experience true serenity.

Pokhara has also become known as a city of adventurous activities. One can get a thrill here by zip-lining up straight from a hill or bungee jumping back to the river or simply taking a paragliding flight up from the mountains of Sarangkot. 

You can explore the mountains by hiking or simply by taking a few days trek to Dhampus, Sikles, and Poon hill to learn about the people’s lifestyles. The existence of so many travelers all year round helps to keep the valley’s economy strong.

Explore Kathmandu, Nepal’s Capital

Kathmandu is Nepal’s capital and the largest city, unlike any of the world’s cities. 

The decaying buildings in the city center stand in stark contrast to the vibrant atmosphere that pervades the streets. 

The aroma of incense wafts from stores while street vendors push their wares and people go about their daily lives against a background of ancient temples and carved statues.

Kathmandu is Nepal’s bustling, and it’s usually the first stop for discovering some of the top tourist attractions. 

The fantastic array of monuments, historical landmarks, shrines, restaurants, and bustling streets has to be among the favorite features of Kathmandu.

Once in town, take a trip to the breathtaking Pashupatinath Temple, the UNESCO spot of Boudhanath Stupa, the (monkey temple of) Swayambhunath, and the Kapan Monastery. 

You can also go hiking or trekking, shop to your heart’s content in Thamel, and eat the delicious local cuisine at restaurants.

Don’t forget to collect some beautiful handicrafts while you’re here. SK Handicrafts and Local Women’s Handicrafts are two places to look for gifts.

Experience breathtaking views at Nagarkot

Head to this beautiful hill station in Nepal for breathtaking views of the mighty Himalayas. 

It is truly one of the best places to visit in Nepal, especially if you love the mountains. Nagarkot, located near Bhaktapur, is the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking views of eight Himalayan ranges, as well as magnificent sunrises and sunsets (if the weather holds out). You can also go trekking, mountain biking, or even paragliding if you’re feeling particularly daring.

Bhaktapur – The cultural city

Bhaktapur is yet another fascinating tourist attraction in Nepal. Tourists come from all around the world to be enriched by the cultural beauty of this place because it is historically rich. 

There are numerous ancient temples, stupas, and palaces in the area. Bhaktapur is renowned as the “City of Devotees,” “City of Culture,” “Living Heritage,” and “Nepal’s Cultural Gem.”

Bhaktapur is rich in Hindu and Buddhist holy sites as well as art. Although most of the population is Hindu, there are nineteen Buddhist sacred sites (Vihars). 

Tourists can see two lion monuments, a Patinga Hiti (water spout), Tantric wood-carved windows, prayer wheels at Indra Varna Mahavihar, built-in 1671, and located between Durbar Square and Dattatraya Square.

The most important tourist destinations in Bhaktapur are Durbar Square, a 55-windowed royal palace, Taumadhi Square, Dattatreya Square, Surya Vinayak Shrine, Thimi, Bode, and others. 

Nagarkot is the best place to live if you want to stay on Bhaktapur’s hilly side. At an altitude of 2,175, Nagarkot is the second-highest point on the Valley rim, offering spectacular views of the Himalaya ranges and Mt. Everest. It is located 20 kilometers northeast of Bhaktapur. Hiking trails lead to Tamang villages in the area.

Lumbini – The Buddha’s Land

Lumbini, the homeland of Lord Buddha, is one of Nepal’s most popular tourist destinations. The tranquil ambiance of the city, which is situated in the Kapilavastu region, is ideal for meditation. 

Buddhist architecture is highly regarded, as are temples and landmarks built according to it. Many people travel to Nepal solely to see Lumbini. 

It has been said that Lumbini is one of the holy places in the world for Buddhists. The Ancient Monuments Preservation Act, passed in 1956, now protects this location. 

Many hotels and lodges have been built in and around Lumbini to enjoy Nepal city tours. You can go to the Maya Devi Temple, Lumbini Monastic Site, Royal Thai Monastery, World Peace Pagoda, or stroll around and relax in the gardens.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal, is home to grasslands, marshes, forests, and wildlife like one-horned rhinos, over 500 bird species, wild elephants, cheetahs, sloth bears, and the majestic Bengal tiger.

Chitwan National Park is the city to explore if you want to see a different side of Nepal and is an incredible place for wildlife viewing, with a safari-like atmosphere. 

Chitwan has tropical weather, quite different from what you’d expect to find in Nepal, despite having a maximum height of only 100 meters in some regions, much lower than Kathmandu’s 1,400 meters.


Panauti is about 30-40 miles from Kathmandu’s bustling heart, but it feels a thousand miles away! Panauti, one of Nepal’s oldest towns, is a fantastic place to visit and maybe one of the top tourist attractions in Nepal. 

Visit some ancient temples, such as the Kali Temple and the Doleshwor Mahadev Temple. Please spend some time wandering the old streets and visiting the historic marketplace that lines them. It’s a lovely destination to spend an afternoon.


Dharan is divided into two and is situated inside the foothills of the Mahabharata Range. While one part is full of banana plants, highlands, and momentary huts, the other side has more permanent bungalows, pavements, and a country club with a golf course (if that’s your thing). 

Take a trip to the Budha Subba Temple or the Dantakali Temple, as well as the primary market, which is a lot of fun if you’re looking for some local tasty treats.


Tansen, the capital of the Palpa district, is a typical Western Nepalese traditional town located at an elevation of 1372 meters on the southern edge of the Shreenagar hill. 

Tansen, snuggled deep inside the mountains of western Nepal, is a little out of the way from Kathmandu by road, but it’s a great little stop on your journey around Nepal’s western outskirts.

 Take a trip to the Bhairab Temple, Purankot Durbar, Srinagar Durbar (Fort), Bansha Gopal, Mukundeshwar Mahadev, Amar Narayan Temple, Raj-Ujjeshwari Bhagawati Temple, and Tansen Durbar while over there.