Top Tips for Designing a Wedding Ring!

Men and girls with their engagement rings and wedding bands to be distinctive and speak to their personalities. Earlier people typically went to a style that was already there, but now it’s quite the opposite. You’ll make sure to have a wonderful time getting a custom-made engagement ring designed, by keeping these tips in mind. If you’re not sure whether a custom engagement ring is for you check design your own wedding ring with Monty Adams.

  • Built to last:

A wedding ring will be worn every day, so you should design it with the recipient’s daily activities in mind, including considerations to setting style, number of prongs, etc. You should always choose stones that will withstand the test of everyday wear and tear, poor choices include soft stones like opals and tanzanite, or hard and brittle stones like emeralds.

  • The first flush:

Wedding rings designed so that a wedding band can be worn flush and parallel. Rings that do not fit together will be worn into each other over time, becoming a maintenance problem in the future.

  • In good taste:

If you want to surprise your partner, make sure you have a good idea of their taste. Search pictures on the internet, check out their Pinterest page or go window shopping to make sure you create the ring that will make their heart sing. The more effective and rewarding the custom design process is, the more input the client can give.

  • Perfect Fit:

You should get the ring size perfectly right. Asking friends, borrowing other rings and family are good options for determining size. After the ring is given, few adjustments can be made.

  • Start early:

You should allow time for the process and any changes that might come up along the way. A custom ring could take two to ten weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.

  • Gather inspiration:

It may include elements other rings you have looked at, things from nature, elements images from Pinterest, or even interests/hobbies. What style you like, or don’t like, get an idea. To design something unique just for you, you can take inspiration from many sources.

  • Budget:

Custom does not have to mean costly. If you’re honest, and upfront regarding what you’d wish to pay then a good jeweler should be able to advise you regarding the best decisions to keep within your budget. Though a customized engagement ring is often costlier than a pre-set ring, it’ll enable you to get precisely what you want and you can decide which side of the ring is most vital to you.

  • Warranties and Aftercare:

You should have confirmed details of information such as purity of the metal, agreed delivery date, and a final price, make sure you get everything in writing.

It’s important to see what the jeweler or retailer offers for warranties or aftercare. Also, it’s important to know how easy it will be to get a ring resized if needed and if you have any problems, what the jeweler can do for you.