Tricks to Style Your Sofa Cushions like A Pro

Cushions can radically transform the look and feel of your sofa. These are the exclusive accessories that can be found in every contemporary living room. Without cushions, your sofa sports a lifeless look. Therefore, to infuse style and texture into your sofa cushions are imperative. Decking up a sofa with colorful cushions can make an old couch come to life.

Surprisingly, there is an art of adorning cushions on the sofa. Interested to know? To find it out, let’s plunge through the styling tips stated below:

1. Matching cushions are bad:

The simplest rule to follow when styling sofa is to say no to matching cushions. Cushions are a way to add a pop of color and texture to your sofa designs. Using cushions that exactly match with your couch will create a big mess. It will mix into your sofa and look like a knobbly furniture piece. To create an impressive effect, opt for cushion colors that complement your room walls and a sofa. This will work as an appealing art piece in your living room.


If your living room interior has neutral shade furnishings, then go for bold-hued cushions. This will add depth to your room. Pick colors that are in dark contrast with your room interior. The more neutral your room, the darker cushions you can choose.

3. Play with Cushion Types

Whether you have a simple sofa or a sofa with a bed, you can get an endless variety of cushions. Besides color, texture, pattern, or material, there are plenty of options out there. There are cushions with ribbon, sequence, buttons, and different fancy arrangements. Also, there are cushions in varying sizes. As such, you have an opportunity to experiment.

4. Limit the number of prints

Adding too many combinations of prints can ruin the effect and could appear overloaded. Therefore, to deck a single sofa, stick to two or three prints but not more than that. Too many prints clash with each other and would make your room appear busy and chaotic. Alternatively, a monochromatic scheme would boast a relaxing look.

5. Mix patterns on different scales

If you are using patterned cushions, then make sure that the patterns are of a distinct size. Same scale patterns are likely to clash with each other. To ensure differentiation mix large scale prints with small scale prints. Varying prints mixed in different scales will make your room appear livelier and full of energy. If you are not able to determine the pattern scale, check the patterns for similarity. If they are the same, then avoid using them.


Properly styled cushion will not only enhance the appeal of your sofa or bed but also lend your room an inviting and cozy ambiance. Moreover, cushions are one of the best ways to add a refreshing vibe to your space. Invest in quality cushions and keep on upgrading them for an ever refreshing feel.