Wedding Trends 2017

Your perfect day needs the perfect Groom, the perfect Gown, and the perfect Venue. Designing your theme and venue details is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding, and we can’t wait to share this year’s hottest trends to help get you started.

Greenery Style

Simple And Eco Wedding Trend

Going Green is THE wedding colour trend for 2017. This wedding trend is one that you’ll want to keep an eye on. Mother Nature lends a hand in this all-natural theme. Accents of wood and stone support fresh flowers and loads of beautiful greenery. This theme runs throughout the table settings, bridal bouquet, cake settings, and archways. Adding a splash of white fabrics really makes all that green pop!


One Of the Most Popular 2017 Wedding Trends

This list of 2017 wedding themes wouldn’t be complete without beautifully bohemian. Still gaining momentum, this eclectic style brings together the rustic feel of an industrial setting and the organic feel of a woodland venue. Without sacrificing beauty, brides are able to wear comfortable gowns, walk the aisle barefoot, and wear wreaths in their hair.

The Macrame Wedding Trend

Macrame works just about everywhere. This resurgence can include subtle accents on chairs and wrapping the bridal bouquet or run throughout the entire ceremony touching the tables, walls, archways, and overheads. This timeless skill adds layers of modern interest to your entire reception that your guests will love!

Metallic, Stones and Shapes As Modern 2017 Wedding Trends

2017 wedding reception trends include a lof of metal! Coppers, mirrors, sequins, silvers, and golds are all making a shine in this newcomer trend. Making a statement with head-to-toe suites and gowns is impressing guests and growing in popularity. Metals and stones play well with the light and make for a romantic and intimate atmosphere. These reflections and textures make beautiful photos for the wedding album.

Personalized Touches

Another big trend is to add a few personal touches to wedding traditions. This shows the guests how important the wedding is to the lucky couple as they’ve spent so long planning even the small things. Brides are replacing the usual flower centerpieces on tables with teddy bears or puzzles add a sense of fun to the event. Also, adding personalized candy wrappers in the favor bags as a unique way for guests to remember the event can be a nice final touch.

DIY Weddings

Do It Yourself may be the best of wedding trends 2017. This can save a lot of money, and you can have a lot of fun doing it! Buying the basics and dressing it up with water colors, gems, and flowers will take a little time, but turn out exactly how you want it to. Centerpieces, rice tossers, corsages, and wedding favors are just some of the many small tasks that could take on yourself to make it that much better and less expensive.