Your Wedding – Things To Remember Before The Big Day

Your wedding is the most magical and memorable day of your life. When you look back on all your memories in the future, this is the one you’ll cherish most fondly. Whether it’s the ceremony itself, the unforgettable reception, or the delicious wedding breakfast, there will be plenty of opportunities to remember your wedding day for the turning point in your life it truly represents.

That said, there will also be plenty of opportunities to forget on the day itself – trust us, we’ve been there. There’s no worse feeling than suddenly realising you’ve forgotten something crucial about the biggest day ever. Don’t let that be you. We’ve assembled some top tips to help you remember everything before you get married so you can concentrate on the magic at hand.

Make sure the money is taken care of

According to a recent survey, the average UK wedding now costs an astonishing £30,355. With all that money in play, you’re bound to forget something or not manage to cover the costs of some aspect of the ceremony. Before you finalise everything, make sure the money is all in the right place and allocated correctly. If it turns out you need a little more, a loan might be in order. For that, you could check out – they’ll set you up for the big day just right.

Check the right guests have been invited

Most weddings will have dates by which guests need to RSVP. If you’re not quite nearing the big day just yet and still have some time to spare, make sure all your important RSVPs have been sent out. It won’t do to miss out on crucial family members or friends who definitely need to be at the event. At best, you might cause a touch of offence, and at worst you could end up not speaking to family members for a long time because of it. Don’t miss important people off the list!

Don’t forget dietary requirements

It’s very important that you remember to cater for dietary requirements on your wedding breakfast menu. If you invite someone who is intolerant to gluten or lactose and you’ve got no alternative on your menu that caters for these needs, then you’re either going to have some extremely ill guests or some people who just won’t be eating. Before you finalise your wedding breakfast plans, make sure there are suitable alternatives for those with specific dietary requirements.

Don’t let bad weather spoil your day

If you don’t have a plan in place for bad weather, you’re running the risk of ruining your wedding. Of course, you could very well be hoping it’ll rain on your wedding day. If you are, make sure you’ve got a contingency plan for if it doesn’t rain. There’s nothing worse than having everything planned out only for weather – which is, after all, only predictable and manageable to a point – to ruin it. Keep in mind that your surroundings and climate aren’t always going to be the way you want them.

Get your photographer booked

Nothing says “best day of your life” quite like a professional photographer. If the only photos available at your wedding are grainy selfies or low-light photos from the reception, you just won’t have the memories you should have of this special day. Find a well-regarded wedding photographer who’s going to give you the shots you want. A good photographer will consider everything from framing to lighting while lining up a shot. Make sure your photographer is up to snuff.

Provide information about nearby accommodation

Although you might be able to put some guests up at the actual wedding venue itself, there are definitely going to be guests who will want to seek alternative accommodation. It’s not good practice to send those guests looking for this themselves. Using your wedding website or similar, make sure to keep your guests informed about where they can stay in the local area. If you do your research right, your guests will thank you and your day will feel that much more special.

Hire live entertainment (if you can)

Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. Your wedding will be absolutely magical if you hire live entertainment for the day. Whether you’re hiring just for the ceremony or for the whole event, live entertainment will transform the occasion and make it feel personal for you. If it’s a band, give them a setlist to perform and ask them if they perform requests. A DJ might be slightly more manageable but will arguably not provide quite the same organic feel. Whichever you prefer, live entertainment is a great idea.

Stay hydrated and well-fed

If you’re a bride, you might have heard some received wisdom about not eating on your wedding day just in case you can’t fit into your dress. This is ridiculous. You need to keep your energy levels up and you need to stay hydrated. Many wedding dresses – and tuxedos for men (unless you’re after an alternative dress arrangement, of course) – are quite tough to be in for long periods of time. The last thing you want to do is pass out during the exchanging of the vows.