10 Fun Gift Ideas for Friends

It’s always difficult to know what to buy for casual friends and work colleagues; you don’t want to spend a fortune yet you do want a gift that is warmly received. In order to save you some time, we trawled the web looking for some unique fun gift ideas that you can buy online.

  • Framed word art prints – They have everything from ‘together forever’ to ‘18th birthday wishes’ and with a maximum of 20 words, you can create your own word art prints that are handmade and delivered to the door. There are so many options that you can use your creativity and skilled craftsman handmade the art to your precise specifications.
  • Portrait painting – You send a portrait image of your friend to the online supplier and a resident portrait artist draws a perfect likeness onto canvas, which is professionally framed and finished perfectly. Everyone would love to receive such a gift and this inexpensive gift is personalised and unique.
  • Best friend box – This is a great idea; a nicely put together box that contains some Japanese tea and a tea cup, with some tasty cookies. You type in your personal message and the box set is packed with your choices of a longlist of items.
  • Superwoman gift bundle – If your bestie is the salt of the Earth, show her your appreciation by sending her a personalised superwoman gift bundle set. There are lots of small gift options to fill the set, so you can be sure she will love the selection.
  • Best work colleague award – A striking certificate with your work friend’s name in cursive writing will bring a smile to her face. You can choose your own wording to add some humour and when the award arrives, your colleague will feel like they are important and that they matter in your eyes.

  • Chic memory stick – Who wouldn’t make use of a free memory stick? If your friend is always taking Instagram pix, she’ll need some storage space and the stick has a USB connection Having a few Ggb of storage empowers you and for what they cost, USB sticks make for great friend gifts.
  • Personalised coffee mug – Have your friend’s name hand-painted in acrylic, with many design and colour options. It comes in a box, so your friend won’t guess what it is after it’s wrapped. Every time she makes a coffee, she’ll smile and recall who gave her this very useful gift. 
  • Smartphone case – Who can stand to be without their device? The case takes a lot of punishment and your bestie will be over the moon with a new phone case. They range in price, so you’ll find one that matches your budget.
  • Exotic pot plant – She can place it on her work desk to add a little bit of colour; personalise the pot with a witty remark for some extra wow! Cactus is very hardy and takes no effort, while there are many exotic tropical species that thrive indoors. Click here for how to build a green wall.
  • Hydro flask – These are amazing; hot or cold, your drink will remain at optimum temperature and this is a very useful gift; you can use it only for water, or your favourite drink. A few days with this gift and she’ll wonder how she ever managed without her hydro flask.

There are so many great gifts for casual and good friends, many items are now made from recycled materials.