10 Modern Office Furniture Ideas

Office furniture needs to be in place in any office. Employers need office furnishings that make it easy to conduct business. Modern office furniture Brisbane has many ideas that any company official can incorporate for their own use.

Under the Stairs

The stairs are a great way to make use of what otherwise might be an awkward space. This is a good place to put shelving, a desk and a chair. Just make sure there’s good lighting and enough space to lean back and avoid hitting anyone walking past.

Black and White

Black and white are the hit colors in the modern world. Now is the time to bring them into any office space. Paint the walls a nice shade of understated white. Add in office furniture in black, a zebra rug on the floor and you’re right on top of the curve.

Natural Light

Natural light is imperative in any office space. People find it easier to see things when they’re under natural light. Add in a window or even a skylight. Having lots of sunshine cheers up workers and pleases your clients at the same time. Position your furnishings so they set near the room’s light.

Raise the Floors

Set aside your home office with a raised floor. A raised floor allows you that extra bit of pizzazz you need in your home office. It also works well in any space where you might supervise employees. Bring in items that are slightly different than the rest of the room so they’ll stand out and make it clear to clients who are in charge.

Unpainted Wood

Wood is a natural material with lots of things going for it. You want to bring that wood in your contemporary office space. Show off the grain by leaving it in its natural state. A simple polish will bring out beautiful details. Items like seating should have lots of wood that fits in with the wood walls and floors. This is a great way to create a rustic, country look just right for a rural business.

Glass Tables

Glass is an easy material to keep clean. It’s also sleek and totally modern. If you have a smaller than average space, you can open it up with the use of a glass table. A large glass table can serve as a statement piece that invites attention.

Curving Items

Curves are back. They’re just right in any office. Look for curving office furniture to add something interesting. A sofa with a serpentine shape oozes charm and yet elegance at the same time. It also invites intimate gatherings that allow for an easy exchange of ideas at cocktail parties or standard office meetings.

Mobile Pieces

On any given day, the office may serve many purposes. People need to meet with clients but also have time for private work. They also need to rearrange the office to get such things done. It’s not just chairs that can be moved around in order to bring the furnishing where it is needed most. Items with casters that can be moved like file cabinets are a contemporary solution that any company owner can use today. This makes it easy for people to use them as desks or anything else they have in mind.

Softened Materials

Companies today want to project a softer image. They’re finding it with pieces that make it possible for them to allow for a leisurely feel. Look for overstuffed sofas that let people lean back when they’re in a meeting. An item that allows employees the support they need as they work is an item that is likely to result in much greater productivity per employee.

Mismatched Furnishings

Office managers are moving away from items in the office that all look alike. They want items that are just a bit different and even a bit out of the ordinary. They’re seeing pieces that are well made and yet in different styles. This allows any company owner to play around with the unexpected and create something new and interesting. It lets them bring in a bit of playfulness and show off the company’s worldview. Think about each piece rather than having a highly matching office set.

Posted by Lisa Eclesworth

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