10 Upcoming Interior Design Trends for 2020

Interior design is continuously evolving. What was once viewed as tacky or undesirable becomes a hot trend. Conversely, hot trends end up being perceived as dated or overdone.

2020 is bringing a unique blend of old and new to the table. Here are ten upcoming interior design trends for your home in the new decade.


Crystals have made a massive comeback in interior design over recent years. From agate accents to geode lamps to scattered arrangements, this versatile approach to interior design offers something for everyone.

Take a look at the popular crystals list and find a style that works for you. Put them on shelves or hang them from fishing wire to fit the feeling you wish to convey in your space.


Macrame is a vintage design trend that is seeing a resurgence. This trend goes hand-in-hand with the boho-chic look of recent years and complements many of the other trends on this list.

Keep it subtle when incorporating macrame elements into your decor. Use a few hanging planters or tapestry style designs for a modern twist on an old favorite.

Jewel Tones

Furniture trends are veering away from subtle colors with accent pillows to more eye-catching conversation pieces. Shades of teal, plum, emerald, fuchsia, and goldenrod are all making waves in interior design.

Rather than replacing your perfectly good furniture, look for throws or covers in these tones to incorporate this elegant trend. These rich tones add an air of refinery and refresh a tired space.

Contrasting Patterns

Matching is out, contrast is in. Your rooms no longer need to stick to stripes, dots, chevrons, or what have you; you can have a blend of everything.

To use this trend without going overboard, ensure that your contrasting patterns fit a complementary color palette. For example, using a beige chevron rug with your plum polka dot throw pillows.

Lush Greenery

In recent years, the natural movement trend has become increasingly popular. This interior design style will continue to grow and bloom in 2020 and beyond.

Incorporate live plants and green walls into your decor. Take a vertical approach to add dimension to your rooms, giving them a wild, jungle feel.

Art Deco Designs

As we get back into the 20s, it should come as no surprise that some trends from the 1920s are making a reappearance. Art deco pieces are going to be popular for the next few years. Explore different ways to incorporate this style into your decor.

Geometric Accents

The geometric trend is staying strong. From wall hangings to light fixtures, geometric pieces add texture and dimension to a room. They’re also a relatively affordable, versatile piece that can be added or removed with minimal fanfare.

Black Kitchens

Black kitchens will become the most iconic interior design trend of the new 20s. This look is sleek and chic and works well with many of the other trends on this list. Look for matte black paint and add pops of gold and greenery to keep the room looking lively and fresh.

Herringbone Tiles

Stripes and chevrons are on their way out. Herringbone is the new pattern of choice, particularly when considering new tile. Herringbone fireplaces make for an incredible statement, especially considering that fireplaces as focal points is predicted to be a future trend.

The opportunities with herringbone are endless: custom showers, kitchen backsplashes, and flooring are just a few options.

Gold Accents

Gold accents are the missing piece of the puzzle that brings a room together. They pair well with crystals, jewel tones, greenery, and especially with black kitchens.

Gold accents are an accessible design opportunity as many affordable or thrift shop pieces can be upcycled to create a new, eye-catching conversation piece.

These interior design trends make a promise that 2020 and beyond will be stylish and svelte. Experiment with your rooms to find a look you love.