20 Best Black And Grey Tattoos

Black and grey tattoos are generally believed to have originated within prison systems, where inmates had no access to colored ink. The technique was brought to mainstream tattoo shops by Jack Rudy and his mentor, Charlie Cartwright. They perfected a single-needle tattoo machine to produce highly realistic shading in their tattoo designs. This technique works well for portraiture.

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20 Best Black And Grey Tattoos

Inked Black and grey rose tattooImage Source

Black And Grey Koi Tattoo SleeveImage Source

cross tattoo by larry farley black greyImage Source

Black and Gray Tattoo Clock and RosesImage Source

Kyle Hoffarth Tattoo ship black and greyImage Source

stunning black and grey tattoosImage Source

best black and gray tattoosImage Source

black and grey tattoo crossImage Source

Black And Grey Realistic TattooImage Source

Coffin TattooImage Source

Black and Grey TattoosImage Source

Fantastic Black and Grey TattooImage Source

black & grey Tattoo by Joe EllisImage Source

Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men Black And GreyImage Source

Black & Grey TattoosImage Source

best black and grey tattooImage Source

Tattoo Sleeve Black And Grey Tattoo Body Art Picture Collection Tattoo Half Sleeve Black And WhiteImage Source

Half sleeve black and grey Phoenix tattooImage Source

Black and grey rose tattooImage Source

Tattoo Ben GroningenImage Source

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