2022 NFL Rookie of the Year Contenders

These are some of the offense and defense NFL rookies to look out for.

Within the National Football League (NFL), a player gains the title of ‘Rookie Player of the Year’ through being recognized for their impressive performance at the end of their first NFL season. This is based on an individual’s athleticism and team communication likewise. Players strive towards this award because it can make them more desirable to team managers and highlights how they are motivated and disciplined characters. Because a lot of professional football players begin their careers within the college, there is the risk that they could be immature and disrespectful to others as well as authority figures. Rookie of the Year contenders is well-rounded and driven, which is why their achievements as young players are especially important when it comes to predicting the rest of their careers. These are some of the top contenders for the 2022 NFL Rookie of the Year to look out for. Check out Fanduel’s NFL picks for more information and detailed predictions. 


It has widely been argued that offensive roles such as Quarterbacks are the most instrumental when it comes to securing a team’s success. They complete game-changing moves and need a great deal of core strength as well as speed and agility to be successful in offending a team. These are some of the season’s most impressive offensive rookies, and what makes them contenders for Rookie of the Year. 

Trevor Lawrence- Jacksonville Jaguars

First is a very impressive member of the Jaguars who is showing no sign of slowing down. Lawrence was the team’s number one draft overall at the start of the season and has the potential to be named Rookie of the Year. The young player started his career on a high, setting Clemson’s record for quarterback wins as a freshman. If this is anything to go by, Lawrence is certainly the one to beat when it comes to the title. 

Trey Lance- San Francisco 49ers

Another key member of the list is Trey Lance, who has already demonstrated an impressive running and passing ability. Backing up Jimmy Garoppolo has provided Lance with the opportunity to learn and develop his skills during his early career. Lance is another hugely impressive player to look out for and has already benefitted from excellent mentoring and the right amount of guidance from more experienced NFL players. 

Kyle Pitts- Atlanta Falcons

A key player under the Atlanta Falcons is Kyle Pitts, who is currently playing as a Tight End. However, it is no secret that his large build and dominant force is something that the Falcons want to use to their advantage. They will likely move the powerful player between positions depending on how weak their opponents’ defense is. Pitts is somewhat of a secret weapon for the Falcons, and will surely be recognized for his efforts in years to come. 


While a lot of players that have been suggested for Rookie player of the Year are predominantly within offensive roles, it is also worth noting that some of the contenders are defensive and have already been recognized for their powerful methods of moving across the field and standing their ground against opponents. 

Odafe Oweh- Baltimore Ravens 

A valuable outside linebacker for the Ravens is the young Odafe Oweh. He began his career in Pen State and quickly worked his way into the NFL. He was selected 31st overall for the current season with the Ravens and has already been named defensive player of the week for his performance within the NFL. 

Patrick Surtain II- Denver Broncos

Living up to his father’s momentous legacy, Surtain was ninth overall for this season with the Broncos. The young player is best known as a cornerback, which is an essential part of the team’s defense and maintaining their position. Surtain could easily be named Rookie of the Year, as football is in this player’s blood. 

Asante Samuel Jr. – Los Angeles Chargers

Another young cornerback who is living up to his father’s legacy is Asante Samuel Jr. While he was drafted for the second NFL round in 2021, Samuel has the potential to gain the title of Rookie of the Year. Being surrounded by other professional players is sure to motivate Samuel to finesse his technique and focus on strength training as well as speed. 

Offensive or defensive, many players have already shown their potential within the NFL for the Rookie of the Year award at the end of the season. For that reason, you will need to pay close attention to each players’ career stats and how their records continue to improve. This is something that is commonly used to work out who gets the title. The Rookie of the Year award has historically been given to NFL players who have stood out from the crowd and demonstrated their professionalism and drive. However, nowadays, the majority of players are especially athletic, disciplined, and motivated. That is why it makes the contenders so difficult to separate. Keep a close eye on the latest developments to make your predictions on the Rookie of the Year contenders of 2022.