25 Best Fade Haircuts For Men

The fade is the hottest men’s hair trend of 2016. This version of the undercut features a tapered transition from short hair down to the skin. If it’s really good, the effect should be a blur.

Fades aren’t just one cut though. The mens taper fade has soared in popularity and can be as simple at the side burns and neckline, the temples, or an inch above the hairline. Or for a sleeker cut, go for a high fade.

Faded hairstyles can also be combined with beards or hair designs for stand out styles.

Find your next look with one of these 25 best fade haircuts for men. These crispy cuts from from talented barbers from across the Internet. Find one near you to get a fade of your own.

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25 Best Fade Haircuts For Men

Clasic Mens Fade Haircut

classy temple fade hairstyle 2016

comb over with fade

Drop Curl Fade

Fade haircut

Fade Haircuts + Quiff Design with Beard

Fade Haircuts for Men

Hi-Lo Fade

High fade + Pompadour

High Fade Haircut Comb Over

Hipster Fade Haircuts For Men

hipster mens fade haircut

Medium Fade Haircut Men

Medium Taper Fade Haircut For Men

Mens Fade Hairstyles

mohawk fade

Short Pompadour + Drop Fade Haircut

Side Swept Drop Fade Style

Skin Fade Haircut Ideas

Skiny Sharp Fade

Straight razor tight sides fade

Taper Fade Cuts for Men

Taper Fade Haircut For Men

taper fade haircut

The Razor Faded Pompadour