Is This The Right Flower For You? 25 Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower is a popular flower choice amongst tattoo enthusiasts. The reasons vary greatly for this, from the ability to size it, change the colouration, the ease of places you can put it on your body and the fact it works for both sexes. It has held many meanings for its bearers and has deep roots in many cultures as to the meaning as well. Perhaps you are set on a flower design, how do you know it is the right flower for you? The lotus flower is a beautiful choice for a tattoo. You can easily add to it vines, water, coy fish or any number of other elements and still have it look wonderful. It is a flower of bold brilliant colour and even if you change the actual colour the colouration is still wonderfully predominant.

Many religions view this flower as displaying the journey of one to enlightenment. Due to the way the actual flower grows and emerges into the world, from the muck of still water, to emerge and reach itself to the sun, one can easily see the symbolic connections. It also more modernly, symbolizes beauty, strength and journeys. No matter the final lotus flower tattoo you choose, it will be one of beauty and strength. The tattoo is a common choice of flower fanatics and those who want to tell their story of a past journey upon their bodies. Irregardless of the story behind your tattoo, the lotus flower can be the perfect flower tattoo.

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Is This The Right Flower For You? 25 Lotus Flower Tattoo

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lotus-flower-tattoo-on-half-sleeve-for-womenImage Source

om-symbol-and-lotus-tattoo-on-leg-sleeveImage Source

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