35 Amazing 3D Tattoo Designs

Tattoo art mastery has advanced to the point where tattoo artists can create convincing and sometimes even photo-realistic optical illusions on their clients’ skin. The tattoos in this list are just a few of the ingenious tattoos out there that seem to twist and bend on the wearer’s skin.

Do you have an optical illusion tattoo? Have you seen one? In any case, we’d love to see your pictures of 3D optical illusion tattoos and invite you to vote for your favorites!

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35 Amazing 3D Tattoo Designs

Cross-3D-TattooImage Source

3d-tattoo-design-manImage Source

skull-3D-tattoo-designImage Source

great-3d-tribal-and-celtic-tattoos-on-half-sleeveImage Source

3D Dragon Tattoo DesignsImage Source

3d-spider-tattoo-designsImage Source

3d_music_tattooImage Source

3d-knot-tribal-thigh-tattoos-for-womenImage Source

Best-3D-Animal-Tattoo-DesignsImage Source

3D-Tattoo-Design-IdeasImage Source

3d-tattoo-design-inspirationImage Source

3d-machine-tattoos-design-on-men-armImage Source

Holy crapImage Source

3D-butterfly-tattoo-on-handImage Source

3d-tattoos-tribal-cool-maori-tribal-half-sleeve-tattoo-designs-for-men-tattooImage Source

3d-shoulderImage Source

3d-om-tattoo-designs-for-women-and-men-owl-birdImage Source

3D Sugar SkullImage Source

tribal-tattoo-designs-for-men-hand-tattoo-ideas-for-menImage Source

Butterfly-3d-Tattoo-DesignImage Source

tribal-band-tattoo-design-men-3DImage Source

3d-gothic-flower-tattoo-designs-MenImage Source

grim-reaper-tattoo-designsImage Source

3d-dragon-tattoo-designstattoos-fonts-ideas-designs-pictures-images-3d-tattoosImage Source

3d Tattoos For MenImage Source

the-best-skull-tattoo-designs-women-3DImage Source

tribal-dragon-arm-tattoos-women-3DImage Source

tribal-circle-tattoos-men-3DImage Source

Flying birds tattoo 3dImage Source

3d_celtic_tattoo_design_for_shouldeImage Source

Light Dark Tree Tattoo by Jackie RabbitImage Source

Anchor 3d TattooImage Source

ripped skin+writing 3dImage Source

biomechanical biomech tattooImage Source

Borboletas Realistas e ArabescosImage Source

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