4 Easy and Affordable Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Your kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover, but you don’t have the savings to do a big renovation. Don’t worry—you can still transform the look of your kitchen without spending a ton a money. Read ahead to learnfour easy, affordable makeover ideas. 

Before You Get Started…

Add Wiggle Room to the Budget:

Whenever you’re planning a home makeover, you should always make a budget with a little more than you need. You never know if you’re going to run out of materials, make a mistake or change your mind about a design choice half-way through putting it up. You don’t want to paint yourself into a corner.

What if you don’t leave enough wiggle room and you have to make a fix? If it’s an emergency and you can’t wait to fix it — like a plumbing issue with the kitchen sink — you can apply for a personal line of credit online to help you cover the professional repairs in a hurry. After the repairs, you can manage the line of credit repayments at a more reasonable pace. Take a look at the link to see how you can get online loans in Illinois to deal with urgent household repairs just like this. It can be a useful back-up plan when there’s not enough in your budget.

Know What’s Out of Bounds:

Speaking of emergencies — you need to know what home projects are out of bounds when it comes to DIY. Plumbing, electrical work, HVAC work, flooring anddemolition are all tasks that are best left to the experts. Choosing DIY in these cases can be dangerous and lead to some expensive repairs in the near future. 

You’re better off trying these four easy, affordable makeover ideas. They’ll be completely safe to try on your own.

Easy and Affordable Kitchen Makeover Ideas

“Tile” Your Backsplash:

Normally, tiling a backsplash is painstaking work. But, when you use peel-and-stick tiles, you can turn a difficult project into a do-able one. It’s quick, simple and budget-friendly. 

Organize, Organize, Organize:

Clutter can make any room look less-than-ideal. So, take a weekend to pull out the contents of your pantry closet and kitchen cabinets and organize everything in them. For Instagram-worthy results, follow the tips of the famous organization duo The Home Edit

  • Separate dishes, food products, cleaning products, etc. into different zones.  
  • Store dry goods in clear plastic containers.
  • Label all plastic containers.

Put Up Shelves:

Add storage and spruce up your kitchen’s design all at once by adding some floating shelves on the walls. They give you the perfect opportunity to decorate. Here some things that you could display on your floating shelves:

  • Cookbooks and recipe boxes
  • Patterned teacups or teapots
  • Framed artwork 
  • Potted plants

If you really like the open shelf look, you could grab a screwdriver and remove the doors from your cabinets.

Go Green:

Plants are easy and affordable décor for your kitchen. You can add potted plants and succulents onto your shelves. Put small vases of freshly cut flowers on the countertop. Or you can start a windowsill herb garden so that you can have quick access to fresh basil, thyme, sage, parsley and rosemary.

You don’t have to break the bank to revamp your kitchen. These four makeover ideas are proof of that.