4 Factors To Consider When Designing Custom Engagement Rings

If you want an engagement ring that combines your favorite designs, is unique and incorporates your personality, then a customized engagement ring is the perfect option for you! When most people think about designing an engagement ring, they imagine it will be very time consuming and costly, which isn’t really the case. When you design your own ring in-house or with a local jeweler, you can easily cut out the middleman and get the most out of your ring, without having to pay for professional design services.
It’s important to have a clear plan for the overall design before you begin. Keep in mind all of the details that go into a ring, such as the size, number of diamonds, settings, carat weight and any other aspect that could potentially affect the ring’s look.

Style And Diamond

Some of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings include emerald cut, round brilliant and princess cut. All three diamonds offer a very unique style. The emerald cut is perfect for those who love to be noticed, and the round brilliant and princess cut offer a softer, more feminine look. Diamonds come in many shapes, styles and sizes so it is important that the one you choose is the perfect fit for you.
Another style of diamond to consider when selecting a ring is a marquise cut. These diamonds are usually very large and quite unique in appearance. Marquise cut diamonds can add a touch of class to an otherwise ordinary ring. They don’t go with every ring style, but when it’s a good match it really makes a ring shine. For those who want their engagement ring to look a little more elegant, this is the cut of choice.


When designing your ring at home, a sketch or drawing of what you want the end result to look like can help to keep you on track once you’ve started designing. When you’re choosing a metal for your engagement ring, you need to be aware of how light it is. Since the band will be in close contact with your skin at all times, you want something that feels smooth. The metal also needs to be resistant to corrosion, so that it won’t wear out after a few years. This is especially important if you have chosen gold. By taking care of these aspects in advance, you will have a much easier time selecting the right diamonds for your engagement ring design.


A measuring tape can be used to determine the size of the engagement ring. First, make sure that the band or chain of the ring fits snugly in place on your finger. Then, measure your finger from the base of the middle finger to about halfway into your palm. After that, add one to two millimeters to the measured number. For example, if your finger measures five inches long, use one inch as your measurement. This will make it easy for you to find your ideal ring size.

If you are not sure about the size, it’s advisable to get a second opinion from a jeweler. Many jewelers will offer a free ring measurement. However, you might want to go for a size slightly larger than the one given by the jeweler.


The cost will vary from individual to individual, depending on where you shop, what your budget is, the quality of gems used, the design, etc. You will also have to factor in whether you want an expensive antique engagement stone or a newer piece, which may one day become an heirloom itself.
If you want to save money on the ring, try to look for ways to reduce the size of the stone. Smaller stones cost less than larger ones, and they’re not as complex. By this I mean that they’re easier to shape, without having to worry about breaking them.


Designing a custom engagement ring can be very difficult if you are not fully prepared to deal with every part of the process. Custom engagement rings can take anywhere from a few weeks all the way up to several months to complete. You want to get a good idea of how you would like your ring to look, with a design or style that fits you personally. If you’re not sure about the materials, the shape, the diamond or the gemstone for the ring, you can always have a quick look on the Internet for popular engagement ring trends.