4 Facts on Compressed PDFs That Make File Sharing Easier

File sharing is a necessity in online work. This statement holds for every institution, whether school or business. For instance, a team collaborating for an upcoming project would need to exchange their ideas using files. Another example is the transmission of contracts and agreements using email.

You may have to share your files in PDF to retain graphic integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility. But as we all know, every file type, no matter how compact it is, won’t be supported by email if it exceeds the file size limit. This situation can cause many problems, dissatisfaction, and even poor productivity. 

You can solve this issue by compressing your PDFs before attaching them to your emails. Take some time and read below about why that is indeed the case! Let’s discuss four essential and considerable benefits that you can get but might be clueless about.

PDFs are suitable for file sharing

From popular searches of PDF compress and PDF converters, we could glean how popular PDFs are. PDF is a standard file format that ultimately acts as an image of your document – as though you have printed it. Regardless of where you open the file, the contents and design will appear precisely the same. This feature is indeed crucial in a professional setting where the integrity of contracts is a necessity.

That aside, PDF is the most secure file type as you can impose two levels of authority with two corresponding PDF passwords. User passwords are primarily meant to open the PDF. Meanwhile, the master passwords allow you to restrict other people’s actions on your file – printing, editing, copying, sharing, and many more. You can ensure confidentiality with this one.

Another characteristic of PDFs is that you can open them without installing any specific software application. You can open them with your browser, as most modern computer models have them as the default PDF reader. PDFs are also version-independent, so no changes happen to the formatting regardless of how up-to-date your software is.

One final feature of PDFs that you can find helpful is that they are present everywhere. It is pretty standard and completely fine to send your files in this file format as most people know how to handle it. As it is a ubiquitous format, you can exude professionalism in your work.

Compressed PDFs are even better

Compressing your PDFs means reducing their file sizes. This result is a huge advantage itself. But, there are other effects that you can achieve by doing this single action. Keep reading and find out why compressing your PDFs can lead you to have less stress and be more productive in your work.

Removes delays and long waiting time

Imagine dealing with a client for a contract. Let’s say that the other person asked you to send him a copy of the file so that he can check it out. One problem that you might encounter is the file size restriction that is set on email. If your PDF’s file size exceeds that amount of bytes supported, then you won’t be able to send it immediately (which can cause a delay).

Time is essential in business, and not being able to meet a client’s demands is terrible. You can transmit your files faster in email by compressing your PDFs first. With an email-ready file size, you would face no hindrances when sharing your files.

Faster transfer and download

The larger a file gets, the harder it is to attach to an email. This situation can cause your file to be corrupted in the process. What happens next is pretty easy to tell – you would probably try to attach it again until you succeed. The same goes when downloading the file. It can take a long time, and the file might not download correctly. 

This problem causes both you and your recipient to suffer from tedious work. Pretty obviously, compressed files are faster to transfer and download due to their small file sizes. Not only that, but they also save you bandwidth, time, and effort and can increase your productivity as a result.

Better collaboration

With faster sharing of files, your team’s collaboration can flow smoother. Imagine having no delays in sending the required information or part of work and getting approval from your management. The difference in the duration is a massive advantage for you and your teammates. You can finish the project more quickly than ever!

Effective information relay

The two adjectives accurately and quickly can be summed up in one word: effectively. Relaying information to your teammates and your recipient effectively should still be your primary goal. The myth that compressed PDFs have degraded in quality is not true for lossless compression. You can still reduce your PDF’s file size while simultaneously getting high resolution! Compressed PDFs are optimal for sharing information.

GogoPDF can compress your PDFs without losing quality

Compressing your files is a relatively easy thing to do. There’s an abundance of PDF compressors on the web, and choosing which one you will use is your discretion. We recommend using GogoPDF to compress your PDF files to ensure they’re of the highest quality possible.  

Gogo PDFs Compress PDF tool is an online web service that you can use for free. It is one of the top-notch PDF compressors out there due to its tight security and efficient PDF compression. You wouldn’t have to install any software application. All you need to do is go to its website and do the following steps.

  1. Select your PDF and upload it to the website.
  2. The Compress PDF tool will do the compression automatically.
  3. Wait for a few moments to finish.
  4. Download and share your files now!

Final thoughts

With remote working growing in popularity every day, we can anticipate how transmitting files online would be a daily occurrence everywhere. Sending and receiving PDFs every few moments, we can encounter problems such as file size restriction. Solve this issue and gain more benefits by compressing PDFs now with GogoPDF!