4 Reasons Why Choosing A HVAC System For You Home Is A Good Option

Unlike most air conditioners and heaters, a packaged HVAC system contain all parts in a singular casing. A packaged system can be installed in the yard, on your roof, in your window, on the wall, or on a concrete block. Conventional heat pumps and air conditioners, also referred to as split systems, have an outdoor unit as well as indoor air handler. It takes longer to install them than a packaged system and they are usually pricier. Here are four reasons why selecting a HVAC system for your home is a good choice.

Various Choices

A broad variety of packaged HVAC systems are at your disposal. You can opt for a heat pump which transfers heat to cool or warm your house, or you can select a ductless packaged air conditioner or heater. Dual-fuel or hybrid systems that comes with a heat pump and natural gas or backup electric heater can also be selected. The backup system kicks in when the temperature goes below freezing point since heat pumps do not work well in extreme cold conditions. These units can be pricey to install, therefore packaged systems are an excellent option for new additions or renovations. They are a perfect choice for those who require more storage. Without an indoor air conditioner or heater, you will have one more closet that can be utilized for a convenient storage solution. A packaged HVAC system can be installed separately from the air conditioner or heater. By using a smart thermostat with zoning capability, all sections in your home can be controlled from a single location or by using a remote control. To save energy, the HVAC system can be switched off in unoccupied spaces and different temperatures can be selected for various zones in the home. A smart thermostat can be regulated wirelessly from a tablet, phone or PC.

Other can connect to motion sensors or cameras and adjust to your preferences and routine without having to program them.

Saving Energy

Because most components in a packaged HVAC system are located adjacently to one another, no energy is required to move refrigerant or air between an outdoor and indoor unit. The money you’ll be saving on electricity bills will more than make up for the investment. You might even qualify for a federal tax credit once an excellent Knoxville repair services company installed a HVAC on your property, which can only be beneficial, and the environment will thank you.

Straightforward Maintenance

A service technician will have no trouble inspecting or servicing a HVAC system since all the components are in a singular location. Any repairs can be carried out faster, so that you can resume your normal routine. The maintenance is often cheaper than looking after your standard HVAC system, particularly if you’ve selected a ductless packaged unit. Since packaged units have durable cases, you won’t have to stress about damaged caused by the elements. You do, however, must trim any branches that could fall on the system. For optimal airflow, other vegetation must be kept a few feet away at least.

A Quieter Option

Most of the HVAC system’s parts are located outside, therefore noise levels are not as disturbing or loud as opposed to a unit with an indoor air handler. If you opt for a ductless packaged unit, even less noise is generated since air is not flowing through the home’s ductwork.