4 Ways To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Lather, rinse, repeat….. easy, right? Since day one it’s been the go-to hair routine, and whilst it’s the go-to for our natural hair, what should we be doing for our hair extensions

After all, whilst you may not have grown the hair naturally, you did pay for those extensions, so take pride and take pleasure in keeping them intact.

Incorrect hair extension maintenance can lead to matted, damaged hair and, in some severe cases (what we are calling par-hair-normal activity), permanent hair damage.

So, what’s the best way to care for and maintain our hair extensions and avoid any hair horror stories?

Below, we discuss four ways to ensure you are fully taking care of your extensions, get the most out of them, and rock the hair dreams are made of.

Proper Installation.

No matter whether it’s tape in extensions, weft, micro rings or just general clip-in extensions, proper installation is key to ensuring longevity and that you maintain your desired style.

Suppose you are like most of us and don’t have a hair pit crew of professionals ready at your disposal to install and change your hair extensions regularly; dont stress. YouTube has plenty of free online tutorials and “how-to” videos on everything you need to know for proper hair extension installation.

However, for your more permanent styles, we strongly recommend consulting with a trained, experienced, licensed professional. 

Don’t Stop Washing.

Whilst it is not your hair, your extensions still require the same love and attention now that you have adopted them as your own. 

Ensure that you still care for your extensions and, more importantly, your scalp. 

By having a healthy scalp, you are laying the foundations for strong, healthy hair to grow even whilst your extensions are installed.

However, extensions, unlike our natural hair, don’t produce any natural oils so we don’t need to wash them as often.A good rule of thumb for washing and conditioning your extensions is to wash them about once a month.

Pay Attention To Products.

Whilst on the subject of shampooing, pay attention to the type of shampoo and other products you use whilst maintaining your hair extensions. 

Look to use products that hydrate and nourish the hair, and that are sulfate-free and have mild detergents. Ultimately, look for products that will genuinely nourish hair.

Depending on what type of hair extensions you have, look for products that will help maintain your desired style. Big and bouncy curls? Look for volumizing curl mousse or curl defining gel. Sleek and straight? Look for defrizzing and smoothing serums.

With any products, you should be sparring. So even though we all love a good spritz, go easy on the dry shampoo and hairspray.

Brush & Brush Again!

Whatever hair extension you have, be sure to brush them out properly – especially after each wear. 

Our top tip, If you’re working with straight extensions is use a paddle brush. If working with curly hair, use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush when wet.

Above all, do your research and find out what works best for your extensions. There’s a ton of hair advice out there so it’s up to you to find that which works for you!