4 Ways to Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Smooth, bouncy, silky locks are desired by all of us to give style and charm to our appearances. For healthy and lustrous hair, we employ the best hair care products and effective damage repair treatments. However, most of us get disappointed when we do not achieve the intended outcomes, making it difficult to maintain them.

“If you want the right answer, ask the right question,” says an old saying. So, using this age-old wisdom, let us figure out why all of our efforts go in vain.

It’s the scalp, not the hair 

Most of us are not aware of keeping our scalp healthy for effective hair growth and management. A dry scalp will result in several problems, including dandruff, itchiness, hair fall, split ends, and weak hair. 

A healthy scalp is like a fertile land that should be nourished. It consists of 1 lakh follicles that produce oil that protects the skin from drying and results in the healthy growth of your hair.

Tips for Healthy Scalp

Just follow simple hair care steps for healthy skin on your scalp.

* Right Haircare regimen  – Breaking the old myth that one should not wash their hair too often, this rule doesn’t apply to people with excessive oily scalp. Also, the use of mild shampoo for sensitivity instead of the ones with strong chemicals will damage your hair more than repair them. 

Many of us make the mistake of using conditioner on the scalp, whereas it should only be used on the hair. 

After each shower, comb your hair and avoid tying it up when it’s wet, and make sure it’s completely dry before going to bed. Most of us are unaware that hot water affects the protective shield on the hair and scalp’s surface, so always use lukewarm or cold water when washing and conditioning.

* Say No to chemical treatments Your new hairdo may contribute to your fashion statement, but be sure it doesn’t come at the expense of your scalp. Unfortunately, most hairstylists and salons do not avoid employing dangerous chemicals for hairstyling, which causes long-term irreversible damage to your scalp and hair.

Natural items, such as lemon, vinegar, curd, eggs, and others, are recommended for healthy and nourished scalp skin. 

* NutritionFood is medicine, and simply adopting good eating habits that include vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds instead of junk and processed foods can not only improve the condition of your scalp’s skin but will also boost your general health.

Apart from that, avoid eating at strange hours and stick to the discipline of eating on time, as well as avoiding excessive alcohol and chain-smoking.

* Exercise and Lifestyle – Regular exercise will aid in the active circulation of blood throughout the body, including the scalp, allowing toxins to be released. Make any physical regimen, whether it’s heavy body workouts, yoga, or learning a sport, a part of your everyday schedule as per your suitability.