5 Best Ideas For Planting A Green Wall

Nowadays, some people use plants as a home accessory to make their space livelier and aesthetically appealing. If you’re a plant lover, you may want to fuse modern design and nature to improve the ambiance of your home. One way you can execute this is by planting a green wall. It’s a feasible and convenient option, especially if you don’t have much space on your property. 

If you have a green thumb and you want to try a hand on this project, here are five ideas you can consider for your green wall:  

1. Build It Outdoors

A green wall can be complicated to grow since you need to set it up vertically. Unlike a standard garden, you need to figure out how you’ll keep your plants healthy while maintaining their form. Furthermore, you should know how to secure them on a wall to avoid making a mess or ruining your greens.  

You can plant a green wall successfully by doing it outdoors because some of the plants you may want to grow aren’t suitable in an indoor setup since they need a lot of sunlight. Also, you need to water them regularly and trim any excess leaves and branches when they grow too big. So, it’s more convenient to plant a wall outside your property. 

You can choose the side of your home that receives the right amount of sunlight, so your plants will grow well. Also, you can set up an irrigation system to ensure your greens get enough water. If you want to learn more about a green wall, you can read here for tips and tricks to successfully grow your plants properly. 

2. Use A Wired Frame  

There are plenty of ways to set up a green wall in your home. For instance, you can use a frame as a base to hang some of your pots. A wired frame is an excellent option if you prefer an easy-to-install item for your plants. It’s a great plant wall piece if you prefer to maintain your home’s interior design. It won’t cover your entire wall, so your space will still look harmonious even when you add this piece.  

You can hang some potted plants using the frame to add accents to your home. If you place this indoors, ensure the space below your wall is clear. This way, you won’t have problems whenever you water your plants. Alternately, you can use hooks to mount your plants on the frame to take them out for some sun without any trouble.  

3. Use Hanging Plants

Some plants like orchids or string of hearts are suitable for hanging pots instead of conventional ones. They usually grow long stems, so you need to place them somewhere they can grow without any hindrances.  

Hanging your plants can help you achieve a green wall without much hassle. For one, you only need a good area to secure your pots and a couple of hanging greens. If you choose this route, ensure the place you’ll remodel into a green wall gets plenty of natural light. This way, you won’t worry about your plants wilting.  

Additionally, you can choose hanging pots with different lengths to create dynamics on your green wall. 


4. Attach Hanging Shelves

If you want to include greenery to your interior but don’t want a crowded wall, one option you can consider is small plants. You can choose potted greens and place them on one side of your home using hanging shelves.  

A hanging shelf has a minimalistic appearance, so they’re a great home accessory that doesn’t take up much space. Some shelves also come in different designs and dimensions. For sure, you’re bound to find one that’ll fit your preferences.  

You can use your hanging shelves for your potted plants like succulents or cactuses. You may also use them for bigger greens like air plants or spider plants.  

5. Get A Custom Wall Art

Some homeowners who want to take their love for plants to the next level often customize their space. If you want to convert one area of your home into a green space, you can have someone build a green wall art in your place.  

A custom green wall art could be a wall completely filled with plant accents. You can have someone install a moss wall with various plants to achieve your desired look. If you think maintaining a massive green wall is too much work, you can opt to mix synthetic and natural plants. For example, you can use fake moss for the base of your wall and attach real ones to add diversity. This way, you only need to take care of the main greens instead of the entire wall.  

Final Thoughts

You can consider many options if you plan to have a green wall in your home to liven up the atmosphere. Therefore, it’s best to identify your preferences before starting your project to know which design will suit your space well. Use the tips mentioned here to successfully finish your green wall project as you’ve perceived it hassle-free.