5 Best Lighting Tips for Your Work at Home

For many people,they have many works have to do.Not matter after they are out of office.Sometimes,we are working at hotel,coffer shop and any other place.Home is one of the place we are spend more time there.You can work comfort at your own home and relax.

Lighting is one of the most important things you need to think about when you are working at home.Right lighting can maximize your working efficiency and take care of your eyes too.Below we have give 5 ideas of Led lighting tips hope this will help your create a good home working office.

1. Using Natural Light

You have to place your home office near the window. The best light that you can have is the natural light that goes through the window. There really is a big benefit of how natural the rays of the sun can light up your home office. Aside from that, this can help you get the best mood possible. It creates a relaxing mood as you gaze out of the window that will surely shine through your mind to work best.

If you’re afraid that the sun might be too bright, you can also use blinders to block the brightness and heat of the sun directly to your home office. Remember that getting enough natural light for your home office doesn’t just change the mood, but also saves you from a large amount of electric bill. What’s natural is always good.

2. Using an led light strips

Tradition light using less and less at home.Fluorescent light is not recommended for any office because of the too much or unnatural brightness it gives. They are believed to damage the eyes and mind that might result in stress and depression. Since a home office involves a lot of strategic thinking and concentration, the use of this light is highly-prohibited.

By this being said, the best lights to use are overhead LED light strips. If you want some color temperatures to add a more relaxing mood, then get some customization LED light strips that are convenient and environmentally friendly. You won’t even feel the heat of these LED lights. In addition, it will help you save a lot for your electric bills as they are energy-efficient for your home office.

3. Using a table lamp

Focus light can help when we are doing something. We understand that a lot of office works involves making documents, checking emails, and more. The use of a computer is a must-do for these tasks. So, to assure you that you will complete your tasks, a desk lamp should come together with your desk.

Desk lamps are considered as task lights that gives enough lighting to support your vision while doing work. Some of the desk lamps are using led aluminum housing.You can either place them at any side of your desk that you want. However, in choosing desk lamps, you have to meticulously choose the right size that would fit best for your desk. If they have an adjustable head and arm, the better.

4. Using Ambient Lights

Direct consumption of lights to your eyes is not good. This usually leads to a serious eye problem such as eye strain that can also activate migraine. Knowing that you have to look at your computer for long working hours is already an underlying cause of getting ambient lights. They will help you soften the brightness of lights that come from your overhead and desk lights.

You can choose where to place the ambient lights that will surely add a glow to your home office. Either way, there are a lot of light colors of your choice that will blend with the brightness of other lights you have. Just make sure that the shade of the light color will keep your eyes more comfortable, without getting the burning feeling.

5. Usingdecorative lights

Small decorative light can help you relax.Decorative lights are not at all needed for a home office. However, they can still add a relaxing work ambiance together with your ambient lights. They can be something you can stare at when you relax for a while, thinking of the next tasks to do. And since we are talking about home offices here, this is where you can mix up the style of an office and home.

These decorative lights will give you the feeling of being at home with different lighting objects. The best examples of these lights, are frames, pictures, or anything that have a huge impact on the ambient lighting you have in your home office.


Not matter you are working at office or at home.Lighting is one of the most important thing we need to think about.It can help you increase working efficient and care about your eyes.

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