5 Big Reasons You Should Switch to Spotify Today

Listening to music is one of the entertaining activities that you can do during your free time. In fact, it gives you so many benefits, and you’ll surely enjoy its advantages in many ways. According to studies, listening to music will help you regulate your emotions, resulting in being happy and improving your mood.

Moreover, listening to music will significantly help you reduce stress and lessens anxiety levels. Music can also enhance your movements and gestures during your physical exercise while stretching, jogging, and even aerobic activity. These are a few of those benefits that you’ll definitely enjoy when you listen to music.

There are different sources of music that you can access your favorite songs and melodies. Some people used to access theirs by listening to a cassette tape, VCD, DVD, portable MP3 gadgets, and many others. However, most people access music online today. Hence, the number of music web players on the internet is increasing. One of the most popular music web players is Spotify. Read the details below to know about this online music platform and its different big reasons to switch to Spotify today.

Spotify Inception

Spotify was launched and open to the public last 2008. It’s a platform that offers a music streaming service. It began to be mainly a mobile app, allowing subscribers to use it as music on-the-go. It means that you can only access Spotify before using your mobile phone.

However, in 2012, Spotify Web Player created a new feature that allows users to access music using other devices like laptops or desktop computers in the office or at home. It aims not only to provide high-quality audios to its subscribers, but it also holds an objective to give all of its subscribers an amazing experience in listening to music using the web player.

Browser-Based Web Player

Many subscribers prefer to use Spotify because it allows them to access their favorite music using its browser-based web player. Many companies don’t allow their employees to download any desktop applications, and students are also restricted from doing the same, especially when they are using computers owned by their school.

It’s because downloading anything from the internet may introduce malware or potential viruses into the network. Hence, when you use the browser-based web player of Spotify, the music streaming becomes easy and convenient. You only need to open a safe browser and create an account by providing some of your details.

After creating an account, you can search for your favorite song by keying in the title on the search bar. Select the song, and play the music. Moreover, Spotify’s app uses reliable streaming technology, but the browser-based web player uses peer-to-peer technology. That’s why you can notice that the browser-based web player works better than the app.

Power of Portability

With all of the benefits of listening to music previously mentioned above, you may feel the importance of having access to your favorite songs wherever you are. The concept of using music on the go that allows you to bring your music with you anytime and anywhere isn’t only an illusion.

Accessing your favorite radio station is easy. You might have tons of favorite songs that you’ve carefully categorized based on your mood. You may play some tunes when you’re happy. You listen to other songs when you’re sad. You might be fond of hitting a fitness gym regularly, so you have another set of songs for that activity.

These are some of the music categorizations that you might keep. If you need access to your music anytime, you can always do that if you have a Spotify account. The power of Spotify’s portability means you can always bring your playlist with you with millions of songs. Hence, anywhere you are, you can always listen to your music.

Music to Share

You might be one of those who used to buy CDs to have a copy of their favorite songs. If your friends wish to listen to the music you’re listening to, you have to lend them the CDs you have that might take one to two weeks. However, due to technological advancement, you can get a copy of the music you want, and then sharing it with others will be easy and simple.

Spotify is a fantastic creation to give you a platform for online music. The way people use and share music has been significantly improved throughout the years. It’s intended to be enjoyed not only for yourself but also for people who have the same interest in your music genre.

Spotify will let you share your favorite music with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones through its web player. You can simply copy the particular URL and send it via email, text message, or through the communication platform of social media. You can also post the URL on your Facebook or Twitter account so that your social media friends can click it, and they will be routed to a web page of Spotify playing your favorite song.

Saves Storage Space

Having enough storage memory on your laptop or desktop computer means your device can work most efficiently. However, if the memory space is full, it may impede your computer to operate at its optimum effectiveness. Hence, if you are fond of listening to music, you might have tons of songs saved in your device, consuming much of your storage.

Good thing that Spotify lets you stream online, and you don’t have to download your favorite music. That way, while you’re streaming your favorite songs, you’ll feel confident that it won’t slow down your computer’s performance. You can simply log in to your Spotify account and start playing songs and melodies of your liking.

Use Spotify Web Player Today

The number of people using Spotify has been significantly increasing up until today. The convenience and the portability of using it make people access their favorite music whenever and wherever they go. If you haven’t tried using it, you might consider the things discussed above and decide to create your personal Spotify account today. You’ll surely enjoy it anytime and anywhere.