5 Creative Soapstone Island Countertop Ideas

Soapstone has been the latest craze when it comes to designing kitchens. Soapstone Countertops provide an elegant and stylish look. Soapstone Countertops provide a rust-resisting surface.

This stone is made up of a high percentage of quartz and clay minerals called kaolin. This countertop material is ideal for use in kitchen islands since it is the ideal and suitable countertop material for commercial kitchens. To know the average cost of soapstone countertops, read the article on the Caesarstone website.

Aside from that, when selecting the proper color and design for soapstone granite worktops, it may be utilized in the kitchen, living areas, and even outside. This article will go through soapstone island countertop ideas.

Black Soapstone Countertops and Galley Kitchen Island

Black soapstone looks elegant and modern with a galley kitchen island. It can also serve as a good grounding element in your galley kitchen island. If you have never used black soapstone before, the black tones of these countertops contrast well against the gray tones of kitchen cabinetry and backsplashes.

Because black soapstone is more difficult to obtain, it is not used as frequently as white soapstone. Because other equipment and cabinetry in the rooms use gray, its gray tones are rarely perfect for kitchen decor.

So, if you are the type that likes to make decisions based on color and plan to place a black soapstone countertop into a kitchen where the cabinetry is gray, you may want to reconsider. Note that the dark tone of black soapstone will wear off over time, and your black countertop will take on more of that gray tone.

The galley island kitchen focuses more on practical than a decorative focal point. This narrow design is typically found in small kitchens in tight settings. These kitchens work best with smaller size appliances like refrigerators and freezers, and with less storage space.

White Soapstone Countertops and L-shaped Island

White soapstone counters can make a decent addition to an L-shaped kitchen island. In most cases, this white stone is very good if you are into modern design. To keep the white soapstone natural-looking, you may want to go with the less polished versions. (The shiny surfaces make the soapstone look too polished.)

If you need your countertop to be entirely white, you might want to look at some of the white soapstone options available. Typically, however, people select a worktop surface that is more like a gray color to achieve durability and beauty.

A well-configured L-shaped soapstone island provides plenty of space for seating as well. When using a u-shaped island, be mindful of the distance between the edge and the kitchen island because it may block too much traffic.

Faux Soapstone Countertops and Portable Kitchen Island

Faux stone is commonly seen on countertops as a cheaper alternative and is perfect for portable kitchen islands. They come in all variations, such as marble and stone. While some faux stones are pretty darn good and many are cheap-looking. Faux soapstone is a similar price to engineered stone, granite, or soapstone. It’s also popular and can look great!

A portable kitchen soapstone island can be used as an option in a room design, or in another room during cooking time as needed (for instance a portable island can be used above the stove to add workspace if needed).

Portable kitchen islands make some fantastic cooking islands, offering enough storage and some countertop to handle the cooking of small meals. Not only this but if desired, a portable kitchen island can be used out of the kitchen, as well. These kitchen islands can be placed in the kitchen on-demand when needed and moved to another space if not needed.

Cooktop Island with soapstone countertop

Soapstone island countertop with this type of island can withstand the rigors of daily life and the wear and tear that gets put on a kitchen countertop. These are made to be full height and include cabinets that support all of the needs of a kitchen.

Cooktop islands have the option of different appliances for heating, like induction stovetops. Depending on the model there will be either heating drawers or heating drawers/countertops. They may also include microwaves and refrigerators.

Storage Island

A storage soapstone kitchen island is practical for multiple reasons. You can put your pots and pans, cook equipment, oven, and other bulky kitchen items on them when you are using the kitchen, and they are easy to move for storage after cooking and clean-up.

This space is often used for storage, seating to give you space near the kitchen sink, as well as a place to store items safely. Depending on the item chosen to store, it can be placed on either side of the island or at both ends if it is a double item storage space, which is ideal for any home bar.

Properties of soapstone countertops

Below we mention some properties of soapstone countertops you should know.

Soapstone is a beautiful rich looking stone. There is no reason why you shouldn’t choose to go with it. This stone is hard enough to hold a knife or even a spatula without breaking or chipping. So, choose your size, and buy your soapstone countertops.

 When it comes to durability, the porosity of soapstone also plays a role. Its natural appearance makes it a durable countertop. It can last long enough to give your kids and grandkids and family- and friends years of entertainment and a lot of memories in your kitchen. But the maintenance of soapstone is essential to make sure that they stay vibrant for years and do not look aged. To prevent the staining, clean the soapstone using soap and water.


In this guide, you have read 5 Creative Soapstone Island Countertop Ideas. Buying a soapstone kitchen island countertop is a good investment for any kitchen because of its ability to survive the test of time. If you’re looking for durability and timelessness, the soapstone is perfect for you. Soapstone countertops are popular because this countertop requires minimal maintenance, especially when combined with the right accessories. So, soapstone is an option you should consider and look into more closely.