5 Creepy Abandoned Places Around the World

Every abandoned place has a story to tell on why and how it turned out desolate. Whether the story is true or merely an urban legend, the state of bleakness and decay that characterized abandoned places is sure to fascinate or scare the hell out of everyone who laid eyes or set foot on them.

From insane asylums that have been left to rot to old battlefields that have witnessed the horrors of war, abandoned places are something that will get your fear meter up and pique your curiosity. Here are five of the creepy abandoned places around the world.

Anderlecht Veterinary School, Belgium

The Anderlecht Veterinary School, also known as the Horror Labs, was once an active veterinary facility in Belgium who saw its heyday in the 1900s. But now the place is a complete mess with rusty surgical tools and dirty jars filled with preserved internal organs and sewn limbs of animals rest silently on broken tables.

The veterinary complex remained un-renovated because not many people dare to go near the place. It’s no wonder as to the reason for that, really, as its rotting and deserted halls lead to rooms that are each filled with even more terrifying stuff than the last.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Radiation ten times worse than the Hiroshima nuclear bomb spilled at the Chernobyl nuclear power station on April 26, 1986. This disaster caused nearly 350,000 residents to evacuate their abodes, turning the city into a ghost town https://gamma-travel.com.

The bleak picture of Pripyat is so creepy as the things owned by the residents such as pillows, bedsheets, dolls, kitchenware lay silently on their places as if they’re frozen in time. The city remains untouched due to high radiation levels.

Six Flags New Orleans

Six Flags is an amusement park in New Orleans that housed giant sculptures of masked faces within every corner of its premises. If you have a phobia of clowns, don’t dare visit this deserted, horrifying place. The amusement park was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina ravaged a significant part of New Orleans. Nowadays, Six Flags seems like the setting of a horror movie.

Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

This place in Mexico City is easily one of the creepiest abandoned grounds in the world. The story behind Islas de las Muñecas (or Island of the Dead Dolls) is that a former caretaker of the site discovered the dead remains of a young girl, and to appease her spirit, he started placing dolls in every corner of the area.

What’s scary about this story is that the said caretaker was also found dead years later in the same spot he discovered the dead body of the young girl.

Beelitz Heilstatten Military Hospital, Germany

The Beelitz Heilstatten Military Hospital in Berlin, Germany, was once a medical facility to treat the deadly tuberculosis plague in the 19th century. Then, it was turned into a military hospital during both world wars.

Its storied history has seen the horrors of war and the despair and anguish of people who contracted the deadly epidemic. Now, the place remains abandoned, but its dark history still lingers within its grounds.


You can find a lot of creepy abandoned places in the world. If you love reading their stories or want to experience what it’s like to be in them, you can start discovering the places mentioned on this list. Just a reminder, though, this is only for those who have the guts.