5 Features That Make the Best Sofa Set Design

You are decorating your bedroom and have decided to opt for a simple yet spacious bed and you look online for king size bed with price and you select the one that fits your need. Buying a sofa is a tad bit tricky for the sofa is such a furniture that sees most action in its lifetime – be it kids and pets jumping or you simply falling on the lounge after a tiring and busy day and cannot wait to rest your feet. Being the main furniture of the living room, the sofa also has to look at its best for you need to make good impression.

Hence, investing in the best sofa set is a must but how will you know which is the best?

There are 5 features that are a must for your sofa set to have to be called the best sofa set. These are:

  • The support: while we look at the designs and the color, which are of course essential, you must first check the framework of the sofa for that determines the durability and longevity of your sofa. The framework is responsible not only for the strength but also for providing the essential support and ease of posture while sitting or getting up. Look for hardwood that has been kiln – dried for the removal of moisture makes the wood retain its shape and strength for many years.
  • The frame joints: while the framework forms the backbone, the frame joints are the connective tissues and any weakness in the joints will cause the sofa to collapse over time. The best types of joints are the ones that are glued or dowelled with the sections creating a sturdy framework. The best sofa set test is that when you lift one corner of the sofa, the other end will rise too. If the side does not rise, it means the sofa is structurally weak and not worth investing in.
  • The upholstery: a comfortable seat is a must especially if you plan to spend longer time lounging on the sofa. The best texture for the upholstery is the ones that will be easy to clean – a must for pet owners – and maintain. While tweed looks classy, if you have pets, you should avoid it. Instead, settle for leather or cotton fabric as they are easy to maintain, clean and lasts long.
  • Cushion and suspension: the best option for really soft cushions are down feather but these are premium quality feathers and if you do not want to spend so much then the second best option for cushion filling is foam which are soft, and springs back once you get up from the seat. Here, the suspension too plays a role. Suspensions not only help the sofa retain their shape but they also helps in bearing the load. The best and most durable suspension is the serpentine where metal wires zig zag to form the spring within the framework.
  • Additional features: a sofa is not just for seating and how you plan to place and use the sofa set also helps in determining the features you should look for. If entertainment and relaxation in your main objective then recliners are what you should look for. Check the machinery of the recliner and the arm rest too. For storage sofas, the space should not cause the sofa framework to sag.

The living room and the sofa play a key role in bonding between family and friends. Thus, a comfortable sofa set is a must have for every household. Whether it is a love seat, recliner, chaise lounge, futon or the sectional pieces, the best sofa set will never let you down in terms of durability and decoration while being the silent supporter of relationships.